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Change good games into your God-games

The Legendary Zoltan

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Have you guys ever thought, "man, if this game just had such and such it would be perfect"? Post it!

On the other hand, have you ever thought that a game could not be more complete than it is? Post it!

Here're mine:

Imagine this. Star Ocean 3 (or 4) with a battle mode like Kingdom Hearts or FF12. Oh my god! Because I've always thought that SO games had really nice environments and great music behind them, but there is absolutely ZERO interaction with that environment and you end up just listening to the battle music throughout most of the areas anyway. The enemies are already walking around on the overworld anyway, so they just need to make it so you can attack them. Does that not sound like the funnest thing ever to you guys?

And a game that couldn't be anymore complete:

Valkyrie Profile 2

There is NOTHING left out of that game. You can even change the battle music on a new game+!

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star ocean 3 with actual plot leading up to level 255 and the attainment of deity-level spells/attacks

actually giving more development to the whole "the main characters are genetically engineered deities" and the maturation of said powers would have made it quite possibly the awesomest game ever

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Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks with button controls! At least, to move.

And twice as many dungeons and items, and half as many sidequests. I quit Spirit Tracks out of boredom after unlocking the final area just because I knew it would be another hour or so going back and forth to unlock everything before I could actually get to the dungeon (i.e. the best part).

Okay, here's mine: Symphony of the Night, but with multiple playable characters, each with different weapons, move speeds, jump heights, spells... you have to switch between them (on-the-fly) to finish the dungeon and find everything. Each has strengths and weaknesses, as well as attack abilities (shoulder charge, downward-thrust stab, throw fireballs, counter attacks...).

And of course a castle twice as large, with a better difficulty curve.


Tales of Phantasia with the SNES art style (pre-anime-izing), the DeJap translation (yes, the joke one), and a 3D battle system (with free run). No option to make it cheesier (a la every Tales since then), just straight time-traveling antics.

I'd ask for Chrono Trigger with a graphical update, but I know I can't trust Square Enix not to ruin it.

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Ninja Gaiden 2:

Scale back the enemy overload and the cheap throws, spend two more months dedicated solely to enemy and boss balance, then take another month or two to open up the worlds a little more for exploration and multiple paths to the goal. Keep the music, keep the visuals, and keep all the cool back ground story and descriptions. Just please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE CAMERA.:banghead:

(If you can't tell, I really wanted to like this game.)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance:

Voice acting. For everyone. All the time. And a better sequel.

Twilight Princess:

Make the Dark World more interesting instead of just a story contrivance.

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I was looking forward to The Force Unleashed, but the level design, auto target, and boss mechanics are all absolutely awful.

The game is there, but it feels like they rushed just about everything under the (correct) impression that it would sell anyways, simply on concept. It lacks any polish that LucasArts used to be known for, which was heart breaking.

And as a nerd, putting creatures on planets where they don't belong for the sake of being cool causes no end of rage. But that's a Star Wars geek issue and forgivable in terms of game design.

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Mega Man X7 without terrible.

While we're at it, X6 without the total suckage and those god-awful donut fights.

Yeah, that'd be pretty cool. Remember Blaze Heatnix? Remember how he DIDN'T have a stage, but instead, it was just a bunch of donut fights?

On topic:

-Super Metroid with Zero Mission controls would have made the game absolutely perfect. I am sure of it.

-If God Hand had stable health pick-ups, instead of everything being random. Seriously, that is the one knock I have against Clover Studio's BEST game

Game you couldn't take away from to make it more perfect:

Final Fantasy V (GBA):

This is really, for me, the perfect Final Fantasy. Silly, doesn't take itself too seriously, lots of fun, and the perfect gameplay.

As Mutericator mentioned, SE today is INCAPABLE of making a game that is as CLOSE to how good the SNES FFs were, or even the wonderful throwback of FFIX. They just can't do it. Now they are going to remake the beloved Lufia series in their gay and retarded image now too, and my heart weeps a little.

Another 'complete' game:

-Donkey Kong Country 2. I mean, what more can you give that game that isn't already there?

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Every game ever made could feature 90% less of the primary thing that happens in that game; instead, games could either be 5 minutes long, OR they could feature fresh stuff to do for the duration of the game. I hate sitting there doing the same thing over, and over, and over, like collecting stuff, killing monsters, running across a huge overworld, completing AHHH SIDE MISSIONS DAMN IT SANDBOX GAMES ok i'm done

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