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OverClocked After Dark - We're BACK! 01/18/14 - You can't handle it all

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Just watched the MAG9 panel and i have to say that Stevo, you are just as sexy as I'd thought you'd be. But Joe Cam, he...


Oh god, I need a towel *stumbles out*

On a serious note though. Great panel you guys

I am glad to know he and myself belong in at least one person's "most erotic fantasies" category.

Also, I had planned to get episode 49 out last night BUT my prior duties went on longer than expected. I will try to get it out by the end of tonight, with episode 50 coming out tomorrow, and potentially a fanfic reading coming out on Saturday.

And for those who are asking about episode 47, the holiday crossover with Nerdy Show counted as episode 47: http://lemonsinseries.com/ocad/Episodes/ See? I DO KNOW HOW TO COUNT!

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When are we doing an NGI/OCARD crossover?

WE DONT ASSOCIATE WITH YOU (pst...we'll have one soon, meet mein the usual spot. Come alone, no cops, the password is pudding)

Oh, and GUESS WHAT! More OCAD flood! BEHOLD: Episode 49 - Kent Gaafe, with our very special guest Brentalfloss!

Episode 49 - Kent Gaafe

We still got more to come too.

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On a random whim, I have attempted to calculate how many times our infamous reading of My Immortal has been downloaded. My rough estimate is that this abomination has been downloaded over 22293 times. Bravo, internet. There is no hope anymore. (read: THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AWESOME)

More Fanfic and episodes will be on their way soon!

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Yes, quite. Whoever did the initial carving of the stairs leading down to the bedrock did a pretty crappy job with the torches :P I looked outside my front door (which is in the mentioned stairwell) while waiting on some smelting and noticed a creeper standing out there. :shock:

I tried to fix them a bit, so hopefully no more mobs will spawn in there. (Hopefully.)

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