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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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So I made a roller coaster. Some of my friends and I just run what's essentially a creative mode server (technically multiplayer survival, but no mobs and everyone can spawn materials and fly).

I think it's one of the greatest things I shall ever produce in my lifetime. Shame it only works once.

I applaud you sir. You have spunk.

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It's nice to see that the OCAD server is up and running, but

Stevo, are you or David going to start organizing the map again, like on the previous map?

That was all David I think. Right now the server is down for an antivirus upgrade, should be back up before the episode tonight.

Talk with Dave about any Minecraft stuff. I've logged exactly an hour in the last 6 months :P

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dagnabit, I finally go in on it and now it won't download. I keep getting stuck downloading packages and it never wants to finish. It keeps coming up with "fatal error 4 connection reset".

I'd suggest deleting your .minecraft folder and start from scratch.

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It's only been about 310 pages since I visited this thread!

I picked up the game again recently, and play on a survival server with a bunch of dudes. I decided I wanted to make a big old tree to live in (I didn't know the idea was so popular!), and it became a project.

Here's a shot of the tree (the rest of the pictures will be linked):


Pre-game planning minutia, because I'm too OCD to freestyle a big tree.

The trick was filling the tree with stuff, but I decided to make it a tavern for people to hang out in instead! But I started with a basement.

Basement: Eden

The Garden of Eden, food aplenty for all

Another shot from the corner, for scope

The idea was to make a safe, easy, renewable source of food for new players and people who had a rough break with enemies.

-30 diamonds and 10 pairs of shears were used in the hollowing of the space and collection of materials.

-Two creepers made it into the room, on separate occasions. Both were safely dispatched. Eden is now monster-proof.

-No less than 10 monster spawners gave their mossy cobblestone for the decoration of Eden (my entire supply!).

-Eden is lit by 207 torches.

Ground Floor: Dining Area

Feast on the finest in shit you farmed yourself in the basement!

Second Floor: Lounge

Read the minecraft wiki in peace and safety!

Third Floor: Sleeping Quarters

I could fit a total of three rooms for patrons in the tree.

Beds are for sleeping!

Fourth Floor: Boring Tavern Storage

Everything above the storage area is the tavernkeep's quarters. Not that that really means anything, but.

Fifth Floor: Breakfast Room

A cheery room for enjoying the most important meal of the day, with a view of greenery as far as the eye can see (not far).

Sixth Floor: Main Area

The Meditation Room (yo dawg)

A workshop for the rugged outdoorsman, with a beautiful view of tainted industrial civilization

Personal library, inspired by (and poorly imitating) the Duke's Archives in Dark Souls

The library also has a storage attic for excess books but what is thOH MY GOD

A more current shot of the tree, with the workshop and library sticking out

Now all I have to do is finish the master bedroom and 'bathroom' and then it'll be complete! This is about the only worthwhile thing I've done in Minecraft.

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I am proud to announce that the OCAD server now services the BLUE LANE railway, going from Val's most confusing Pyramid maze, around the gigantic diamond penis (created in memory of the original golden penis of the first server), all the way to the Sphynx of the sky city.

There are some ridiculous things going on at our place these days.

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