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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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I've recently finished my own texture pack. Anyone wanna help me test it?

Anyway, it's basically an attempt at a more cartoony look, with brighter colors (and a few changes the objects' shapes here and there, but it's mostly a recolor) - as such, the textures are deliberately over-saturated, so if that's not your thing you probably won't like it. Works really well with the


Also note that it needs to be installed with a patcher for all the changes to be implemented.

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A number of confirmed and possible things announced today for future patches:

1. It won't make it into 1.5, but the piston mod is confirmed for a future patch.

2. Automated farm harvesting (using water) may also drop seeds as well as wheat in 1.5.

3. Rain and snow are being put back into the game for 1.5, and Notch is working on adding thunder as well.

4. In the same vein, snow and ice respawning will be fixed, and farms will auto-water with rain in 1.5.

5. Notch is also looking to maybe cause rain to fill small holes with water, as well as make catching fish easier when raining.

6. Sneaking and/or moving backwards might be used to reduce damage taken from mobs.

7. Separate saplings for spruce and birch trees are confirmed for 1.5.

8. A release date has been set for Minecraft. Should be up on a blog post in the future. EDIT: Release date is 11/11/11.

9. Achievements and statistics will be in 1.5.

10. Version 1.5 may be released sometime next week.

Looks like the team is getting their mojo back. Let's hope it sticks around for a while.

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Yo fam, I got some bad news. Somehow, a fire started in the spawn town. I dunno when it happened, I just heard that the "spawn looks different" and all of a sudden 2-3 buildings were broken down. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but if you have a building that you made that has gone kerplunk, I'll help supply resources and wood where I can to help get your building back up.

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And lucky me, my plugin that reports everything to me is magically missing from my list of plugins to use, I guess there was a problem and MPUK removed it but i was never notified :/

Going to install another one, but doesn't help me now

However started the fires: A reminder griefing is against the rules. Starting fires and not reporting them, even if its an accident, is not only a jerk thing to do, but its also considered greifing to burn someones building down and not even tell anybody

I dont know why we have to have these issues on a white listed server

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I would personally like to figure out what happened without all the drama we had the last time something happened. We know someone was there to witness it, fire does not burn if there aren't any players around, so if you saw it and/or started it, tell us, I really don't want another witch hunt. If it was an accident and you don't want to be publicly scrutinized, pm crowbar preferably, or one of the regulars (aba, halc, scy, me, etc) and we can discuss it quietly before leaking it onto the forums for all to see.

If you did it on purpose, man the fuck up and tell us.

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It wasn't the OCAD TROLOLOLOL Squad this time. So you can take your blame elsewhere.

Just kidding, no one cast the blame on us, I am not trying to troll. No seriously, I am not trying to troll. For once.

Also, all are welcome to pay homage to the OCAD server's Golden Dong.

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