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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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Thanks for the new map, crowbar; I can't wait to get back on the server to check out the new stuff I see on there.

I'd just like to say I officially hate the new water physics. I can't use waterfalls as elevators and I can't get to the sources of underground rivers without mining around the water. And apparently mob farming machines are bork'd.

Oh god that's disgusting.

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Piston = Client side mod :/

Real new map is up!

Server has been reset from April 1st fun times.

Still running 1.3, Bukkit 1.4 is out but plugins are pretty broken, MPUK is trying to fix them themselves before rolling it out

I didn't plug the update expecting it to be uploaded to the server, just that it now works with the new version of MC for those that like the piston mod.

also I made a thing:

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