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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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Hopefully we'll get some sort of warning before a storm, then, so people out exploring will have time to throw up a quick shelter.

Hopefully rain won't put out torches so safe zones the player has established won't become UNsafe every time it starts raining.

Hopefully torches will still stop hostiles from spawning during a storm like they do at night.

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An invitation to play on a server that is actually up is now recruitment? It's kinda disheartening that the administrators of the de facto official MC server are so vindictive when OCR has been shedding its elitist image. Granted, David shouldn't be fanning any flames, but all this snarking back and forth is pretty uncool. Poeple just want to hang out with their friends in a game and have fun. I would recommend that anyone reading any more into it than that see a shrink, because you've got bigger problems than mysterious random griefing on minecraft. As they say in the movies: Be excellent to each other.

As an aside, where do those of us who want to discuss the game but do not want to play on your server talk about the game... in this thread?

If you want to talk about the AfterDark server, they had some thread for that, that would be the best place to talk about that. If you just want to talk about Minecraft or the OCR server, here is the best place for that. We don't go into the AfterDark thread and advertise.

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Actually if people from OCAD want to post what they made on their server (or ours of course) or even talk about it here I have no issue. This is a general minecraft thread not even created by us. I do think the ocad thread would be better suited, but as long as its something constructive its fine.

Brushfire however doesn't really like to do anything but try to derail topics (see all threads he's done his black dynamite meme he thinks is funny) or spam things related to himself. Gman tried to make a light hearted comment which apparently he has reading problems and now flaming us

Server was only down a few hours anyways due to a mistake on my part.

Don't try to stir things up Garian.

WE are just trying to have fun. Fun for the OCR community not just personal friends

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Didn't realize we couldn't be friends within a community. Garian was trying to cool things down, not stir them up. ;)

I half-hope that thunderstorms spawn monsters on the higher difficulty levels. Simply because it would make for some pretty awesome gameplay. Chilling in your house, you hear the thunder... it's time to suit up and grab you sword, and set up the creeper-proof walls: things are gonna get messy.

That's how I see it, anyway. Could be a lot of fun, unless there's no way to avoid it (AKA ruining early-game construction with lots of storms).

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