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OCR02116 - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Eyes in the Deep"


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Brad's just mad that he couldn't toot his own horn in the writeup for the third time :nicework:

Another great track for a very cool and interesting album project. Hylian surprises me a lot with his compositions, because he often takes them in directions I did not see them going. As halc said, fantastic and in-depth arrangement with tightly integrated saxophones. Definitely deep and moody.

Edit: Eyes in the Deep? More like, Eyes in the DERP!

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When the sax came in right off the bat it sounded awful. Like, some sort of cheesy midi esque thing. That was the only time I got that impression, and it only lasted for 2 minutes? I only mention this because I spent the rest of the mix thinking "Wow, that sax fits so nicely in with the rest of the arrangement, wtf was with it when it intro'd?"

Very cool, moody, atmospheric. I think that you could have done without the chippy sounding stuff in the background, the piece stands just fine without nostalgia. Still, it doesn't hurt matters, so I suppose it's not much of a complaint that there is "too much" in a mix when the "too much" isn't doing harm. Right?


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