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Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos - History

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EvilHoarde, is that your final track?

Well... If it meets the standards of this project then its ok for me. Too bad there hasn´t been much feedback on the updated version, so I really don´t know what to think about it.

I´m a bit concerned with the overall volume of the song. Is it too silent? Besides that I´m pleased with it and I´m ready to declare it as the final song...

But I´m begging for feedback.

It needs to be jacked up volume wise. Also, it seems sort of like a straightforward cover of the song. I haven't listened to it in depth but I couldn't make out a lot of arrangement.

I think we need to set a volume standard, by which the other songs should all follow, in order to maintain continuity. Also, if you plan on having your song segue into the next song, please plan that out now.

Xel, I'm going to wait on confirmation before I cross em off. Larsec, I'm confirming ya.

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gonna bump this with a new WIP I am working on:


1M4: Command Control (Mr. Anderson):

E1M8: Phobos Anomaly (Ralphis):

E1M9: Military Base (DamienKrauss)

E2M2: Containment Area (Peeples):

E2M9: Fortress of Mystery (secret level) (En Sabah Nur)

E3M8: Dis (chester?)

2. The End (Episode 3 Outro iirc) (Bart Klepka)

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Just a quick bump. Does anyone want to design the website and or have any ideas for it?
I'm also an expert in php/mysql, css, javascript and xhtml if any web design/advice/whatever is needed. Lemme know.


:D Sorry, I must have skimmed over that! You wanna get into contact with Caleb and plan something out?

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I updated my mix. Pumped up the volume and compressed the heck out of it. The overall sound is really something else now, really gave the song some energy there... AND I took off the boring ambient sounds from the intro, so it starts from silence now...


Well, thats propably it.

Too bad if its too much a cover song rather than a remix.

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List updated.

Don't forget the first deadline, people. And I'm still waiting on some confirmations.

Also, Suzu's track is now open, to anyone who wants to take on a second track (TO, analoq?)



I'm thinging of calling it "Ghost in the Lab". It's rough, right now.

Also. I had an idea. It's not a concrete idea but I was just wondering if anyone is planning on putting vocals in their remix? I got this idea last night, where the entire project is dark and moody, and the last song on the track is a sort of mournful closing track with vocals (Female?). Just an idea. I dont know if anyone will actually make a vocal remix.

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What happened to my post?

I wrote a post that I would do the text music... but I thought that was the one Bart Klepta was doing since it's called D_Victor End of Episode and that's the one he was asking about back in the old thread...

Now I am really confused...

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