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Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos - History

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I just finished the tracklisting...



TO- I can see what you're going for, but the way that you did it gives it too much of a canvas/painted look. I'm going to consider other ways of making the background more subtle.

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I'd rather see artists and the tracknames on the tracklist.


You know I was going to do that, but I'm a bit confused about who did what tracks. The .psd is still saved, so it's a simple modification. But I kind of need a little help with this. BTW is the track titled "Nameless" a pun?

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This is the Tracklist with artists as of now. Expect a few updates though, so keep the .psd's for later editing.

Disk 1 - Phobos

1. 01 Evil Horde - Hangarmageddon (E1M1) (4:09)

2. 02 Sir NutS - The Red Moon (E1M4) (4:58)

3. 03 Joker - Industrial Strength (E1M2) (4:12)

4. 04 Nousentre - Mystery Meat (E2M9) (4:46)

5. 05 Evil Horde - The Leaning Tower Of Babel (E2M8) (4:42)

6. 06 Beatdrop - Reprocessed(E1M6) (3:37)

7. 07 Mythril Nazgul - Ghosts Of Mars (E2M4) (5:02)

8. 08 RoeTaKa - The Chemical Imps (E1M3) (4:57)

9. 09 analoq - Demon Con Gusto (E3M3) (4:08)

10. 10 Arse Assassin - This Cant Be Good (E2M2) (5:16)

11. 11 TO feat. Bladiator - JadeSpawn(E2M7) (5:04)

Disk 2 - Deimos

1. 12 RoeTaKa feat. Evil Horde - Infiltrator (E2M1) (3:40)

2. 13 DJ Carbunk1e - Infected Lab (E1M7) (2:40)

3. 14 TO - Secrets And Lies (E1M9) (4:24)

4. 15 DJ Carbunk1e feat. Ryan8Bit - The Glass Moon (E1M8) (6:24)

5. 16 RoeTaKa - OceanPollen (E3M2) (4:31)

6. 17 Hemophiliac feat. Pixietricks - Aria Of The Damned (E2M6) (3:38)

7. 18 Prophecy - Iron Cathedral (E3M8) (2:13)

8. 19 Daniel Baranowsky - The Dark Side Of Phobos (E1M5) (3:55)

9. 20 Larsec feat. Elsa Persson - Darkness Dawning (Text Music) (4:13)

10. 21 TO - ElectroCute Bunny (The End) (4:07)

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Looks pretty cool. But I'd recommend doing some allignments with the tracklist on the final thing.

Eeeech! Allignment is a real pain in the ass. You must understand, that some of you guys have excessivly long names. But not to worry, I'm sure I can work it out. In fact, I think I almost have. :)

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Alright this has come to my attention, so I'll address it now in public.

This is a PM I sent to Claude regarding his album design:

To be completely honest with you and not cut any corners, I've always stated in the thread that Global Trance would make the final cover art for the project. The art pieces coming up in the thread were never considered to be the final covers/designs, etc.

However, I do realise that a lot of time was spent by yourself and others working on these designs so they will be available on the site as alternate covers.

Thanks for contacting me.

I know this isn't going to make everyone happy, and I apologize for that, but this has already been worked out and whatnot. Hopefully, the idea of an "alternate cover" section on the site will appeal to the artists.

Now, the time has come to ask for seeds and mirrors. I will begin sending out files sometime this weekend or Monday. If you have any interest in being a SEED (as in Bittorrent) for the initial release - the torrent will consist of both the .flacs and the .mp3s - speak now so I can add your name to a LIST. Likewise, if you think you will be able to offer a mirror of the MP3s ONLY.

More soon.

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