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Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos - History

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I knew this would probably happen... :?

Edit: hey how about we take out every bitchy post up untill we get 666 again? :lol:

because if we took out every bitchy post, we'd probably end up back around 200 posts.

Heck why don't we just delete your account TO? :lol:

I have 1 or 2 posts that aren't bitching. :wink:


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Whoa. The 666-thing was so cool AND IMPORTANT, too bad it didn´t work out. And too bad that we had some negative vibes in here at the very end. But I´m glad they got sorted out. Everyone´s doing their part and YAY - we get an awesome Doom Remix Project. Hooray!

Well, anyway, are we next in line after Kirby? Can´t wait to finally get this project out. We can´t go wrong, everyone seems to really believe in this.. YAY!

And hey, we were playing Doom3 coop the other day with few of my friends and we had such a good time with the cute monsterguys. So I thought I´d take a picture. I think it would make a great cover for the CD :


I think it really displays the cute essence of our project in a great way. GEE - we had such fun!

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