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Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos - History


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Okay! I got new (hopefully final) versions of the front cover, as well as a final rear cover (pending final tracklisting).

the 2 versions of the front:



The rear:


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well i've been trying things for my back cover.

preview is a lower quality to save some load time.

i'll work out kinks later.


I really like the idea of a Phobos side, and a Deimos side. Perhaps MN can incorporate that into the main CD design. Although the songs are going to be mixed up so you'll have E1 (Phobos) stuff with E2 (Deimos) stuff.
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i'm not in charge of track listings i'm just making optional cover art for the project...even though i really don't like the jumbling up of the level remixes...

in any case i've added enough for it to be the complete back cover V.3


all ready for TO to lay down the words of criticism. :D

Ooo that looks sexy, makes my penis hard! Just move the tracklist boxes down and I'll cum!

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