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Scott Pilgrim 'Rock Club'... so 80's, you'll need shoulder pads [WIP-2]

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So this is a remix from Anamanaguchi's brilliant soundtrack to the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World game.

My take on it is called 'New World Moroder'

Source is 'Rock Club' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2RuEBM7A1A)

WIP 1: http://www.box.net/shared/s7b0j21pho

WIP 2: http://www.box.net/shared/886eou8933

So, if you haven't yet guessed from the title of the track, this is a total ode to my biggest influences, New Order and Giorgio Moroder... with a bit of Human League in there too.

I wanted to create a track that sounded like all those LP's I used to listen to when I was younger... records with awesome 12" extended mixes of classic 80's dance stuff. I want you to think you've just pulled out your favourite 45' to shake your groove thang to.

It's pretty basic at the moment, but there's plenty of potential here I think for plenty of awesomeness.

Enjoy guys... expect an update real soon!!!

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i don't even care what the source material is... this is so awesome, you already win.

can't wait to hear more if/when you carry on with it!

Haha, thanks man!

I'm going for a pretty authentic 80's sound, so I guess I'm on the right track!

Yeah, this took me a couple of hours, so I plan on finishing this pretty soon!

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You are the OCR King of Cheese

This is a compliment in the highest regard: keep it up forever. So groovy. I think I've liked everything you've done and this is no exception. Also it's awesome that someone is tackling the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack! This and Another Winter need remixes badly.

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So, WIP 2... http://www.box.net/shared/886eou8933

It's a bit longer... repeated the main hook again... mainly to work with some backing bells that are now present in the second run through. This segment will change too, I'm planning on adding more harmonies in there to stop it sounding like a repeat of whats gone before, so yeah, I have plans for that.

Other than that, I've re-balanced everything, added some sub-synths, re eq'd a lot.


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I've actually been lurking OCR for quite some time, and this mix was the one to get me to sign up to comment.

I love the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack and think what you have done with this song is great, and sticks to the roots very well too. Would really hope to see a finalized version of this song.

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