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OCR02156 - Wild Guns "With the Gold Comes the Curse"


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I'm not going to lie, I haven't been a huge fan of ilp0. Not to say that his stuff isn't good, it's just never "struck a chord" with me as it were. That being said, I want to say that I absolutely love this ReMix. I love the sounds and the way you blended them together - overall it sounds very nice and together. I'm not familiar with the source but this song is definitely evoking some cool, futuristic cowboy imagery for me, and it does it very well. I want to hear more like this.

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It took me a while over the years, but I've become quite a fan of ilp0's low-fi-influenced material. And so I'm glad to see he kept his game up over the years.

Translating the source to 6/8 for the first 2 minutes and back for nearer to the end got a huge plus for me in regards to the writing process, and with the instrument choices and steady progressions I'm with djp on the comparisons to the Flaming Lips's "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" in regards to the details in place.

I really dug the transition to the trip-hop-like movement past the 2 minute mark as well - these kind of changes in regards to rhythm are to me a strong highlight of ilp0's personality throughout the whole thing.

One thing that I might've suggested is to try and give more punch to the snare throughout; to me it kind of felt very thin and too much 'airy' through the whole thing. But for me that may be a minor nitpick for an otherwise very creative piece of work. Not only that, but in a similar fashion to his first posted work "Stupid Damn Vehicle", endings are not his strongest point either; was hoping for something more dynamic leading to the end, but I'll ride along with the substance leading it nevertheless.

Either way, be sure to keep representing the European remixers! And here's to hoping for more sweet ilp0 coverage in 2012 and beyond :)

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Is that some chiptunage I'm hearing in the background? A nice usage of it to help fill in the sound!

I like ilp0's work in general since she adds to the feel of progress with her music, in addition to having a great western feel & being an overall well done package. I do have a gripe with the ending, but this song is enjoyable otherwise.

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So starting off with some western sounding strumming backed by slightly trippy beats, huh? Not bad at all. Gives a cowboy theme a bit of a different direction and it works here. I do like how it pulls itself together the longer the ReMix goes, and then picks up around two minutes in. From then on, it was an interesting blend of sounds and I thought it was cool myself. Certainly filled to the brim with things I wouldn't have expected from this game, which isn't a bad thing at all.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02156 - Wild Guns "With the Gold Comes the Curse"

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