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3DS: Friend Codes on First Page, OMG THE THIRD DIMENSION

The Damned

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OCR 3DS Friend Code List:


Abadoss: 0061-1955-8788

AkumajoBelmont: 2449-4641-5097

Arek the Absolute: 2621-2649-8873

Arrow: 2406-5910-7989

Amphibious: 2707-1707-3629

Ashamee: 3695-0186-8050

AzureZeal: 3222-6417-2886


BaconProcurement: 4983-5220-8737

Bahamut: 0602-6475-5537

bleck: 3437-3076-7241

bloodeyezack: 4554-0264-2098

Blue Magic: 2509-0855-4887

Brandon Strader: 0447-6260-6429

Brian6330: 3823-8584-6574

Brithor: 2165-5672-9768

Brushfire: 1332-8049-4499

Brycepops: 1865-1027-1973


Calpis: 4554-0061-6795

Cecilff2: 2809-8792-2568

chthonic: 3866-8177-2228

CinnamonJihad: 5112-4787-2260


Darklink42: 4210-5286-5376

DarkeSword: 0130-1815-1809

Darkomega99: 1719-3729-7593

Dhsu: 5370-0413-4242

Disambiguity: 1907-8158-5549

DJMystix: 1934-0676-3114

Doulifée: 4468-0951-2468

DragonAvenger: 5344-2792-7064

DrumUltimA: 3153-3781-9741

DusK: 3265-5055-5923


EdgeCrusher: 4124-5164-3513

Elex Synn: 5129-0693-3734

evktalo: 3926-9690-9134


Favor: 2921-9163-1298

FireSlash: 0473 7789 3999

Flexstyle: 0963-1012-2958


Gario: 3067-6082-9283

Gollgagh: 4682-9135-9202

Groovemaster303: 0473-7756-0336


HalcyonSpirit: 2664-3550-7284

Halt: 1994-0252-2519

HoboKa: 4441-9597-5433

HoopyFrood: 4613-6705-1015


Invader_Quirk: 1676-3703-8235

Irish: 4038-6416-4979


Jandalf: 1950-9448-4365

jmr: 4339-2501-3213

jnWake: 4356-3015-6154


Kanthos: 4081-5772-1984

Kenogu Labz: 4527-8707-7870

kitty: 3625-9539-8255


Level 99: 0559-6824-9255

Lizz: 1762-2831-9791


M249-M4A1: 4768-7443-7746

Malaki-LEGEND.sys: 0963-0382-2509

Maco70: 3711-8977-5814

MattInc: 4081-5497-7362

MechaFone: 2664-2364-1722

MindWanderer: 2509-6065-0408

Mirby: 3952-7692-9085


Necrotic: 4725-8104-6363

Newt: 5472-7760-7577


OCRE: 0559-6939-8550

Otakatt: 0963-0556-8066

Overflow: 1461-6201-4828


Peach: 2492-4119-0110



Radiowar: 1263-7041-3359

Rexy: 1134-7990-9173


Scrobble: 3093-7251-9416

ShinnyMetal: 2148-8188-7632

SirChadlyOC: 3308-4570-7833

Sir_Downunder: 0662 3240 5665

Sixto: 1762-3553-3100

Soma: 3050-7587-3777

Soul Splint: 4184-1304-8565

SoundSouldier: 1461-6211-1570

Species8472: 1160-9889-6846

StarDragonJP: 4527 8565 5519

StarZander: 0473-7875-0299

SystemsReady: 1392-5304-2378


Thalzon: 3566-1635-0823

theshaggyfreak: 1220 9911 2987

TheRexAsaurous: 1504-6494-0268

Toadofsky: 0903-2917-2088

The Damned: 2019-9771-2777

Turtle: 3351-4059-3998


Unstable Hamster: 1504-5768-2443


Vilecat: 2423-3212-6224


wildfire: 4425-1547-2356


Xarnax42: 1418-6758-9268


Yami: 4484-9189-6943


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God damn, that Europe conference is boring as fuck. Lame jokes, terrible guest interaction... I can't watch it any more.

So, GameBoy and GameBoy Color games are (still and again) confirmed. Super Mario Land. Yaaaaaaay. If that's the only Mario title on launch, I'm going to be disappointed. That's how we'll get a Zelda game as well, I bet.

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Let's not forget this great bit of news:

-Region locking (because Nintendo has been SO great about bringing over games this generation, right? ... right... ?)

-2.5-3.5 hour battery life

-3+ hours for a full charge

-No dual analogue

Fuck you, Nintendo. $250? For this shit? You're becoming overconfident again. Time for a big punch in the financial nose.

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The DSi had partial region-lock.

The battery life thing is still up in the air, as we haven't gotten any details on it, like on what settings. Nintendo said the DSi would be only 4 or so hours, and then it turned out that was with maximum screen brightness and Wi-Fi constantly on. With lower settings, they posted much better battery life. This may still be the case... or not. We just don't know.

As for the charging time... big deal. There are other devices, game system and otherwise, that take just as long or longer. Hell the DS Lite was almost three hours.

Dual analogs... touch screen? And that's if some games even need to have two of them.

I think you're just being a grumpy puss for the hell of it. If anything, you should be unhappy with the lack of First party titles, like Paper Mario.

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Ever played the PSP? After having a handheld with one analogue, you understand just how big a blunder it is, touch screen or no touch screen (I am one that hates touch screen for the record, never liked it on the DS).

Region locking should never exist on handhelds (or in general).

The price is absurd.

The listed battery life, until proven otherwise, is horrendous. No handheld should be that low.

Think what you like, but I am going off of stated facts. And these stated facts all point to a system that needs a revision before being purchased. Anyone who jumps in day 1, based off of THESE stats, is a sucker.

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I'm holding out ont he 3DS for various reasons. The entry pricing point is one of them. I'm not going to pay $250 for a handheld system. I'll probably wait until the price drops a little. Also, I generally never buy the first gen of a particular technology. The majority of the kinks always seemed to get worked out by rev two. Lastly, I'm not really hip on the the hole 3D thing. I just feels like nothing more than a gimmick. Lastly, I generally buy used games about 75% of the time. I'd rather wait until a decent catalog of games has been built up.

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I can agree with some of that (namely the need for Nintendo to clarify the battery issue), but I can think of a very good reason to avoid first-day purchase: the games.

Zelda and Paper Mario are slated for a Summer to Winter 2011 release. That's a really long time to wait for the guaranteed titles. The rest of the games everyone is really waiting for don't even have release estimates yet... the DS had the same kind of line-up: lots of third party bits with mediocre first party, but then got a lot more after the first year or so.

Not to mention that there could be any number of issues, like bad buttons, or loose hinges for the top, or defective screens. It's better to wait for others to go first and see what issues rise up before getting one yourself.

Plus, until I actually get to try it myself, I'm hesitant about the 3D effect. I can't really watch 3D movies, and most things 3D-related either aren't very effective with me, or cause minor headaches.

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I am going to buy it day one, and I'm not too worried about any defects. I got a day-one DSi, and it had a problem with the screen and the stylus (The stylus was malformed; it made a huge scratch in the screen the first time I touched it), so I called nintendo and sent it to them. They sent me a new one, free of charge.

A few things that people don't seem to mention:

- Parental Controls for 3D. You can permanently turn off the 3D effect if you want, which will probably save battery life.

- One Friend Code per system. When you meet up with someone IRL, you don't even have to exchange codes; you automatically add each other to your friends list. Speaking of which...

- Friends List. Nintendo hasn't said too much, but in the virtual tour (http://www.nintendo.com/3ds) the light turn orange for "Friend Online". It sounds like online gaming is a much larger focus this time around.

- Pedometer Points. When you walk around with the 3DS, you earn points or coins or tokens or something that you can use to buy stuff in games. Again, they haven't said much, but I really like the idea of walking around and being able to buy games or unlock features. Although it would be nice if we could use the 'Personal Trainer walking' pedometer, rather than lugging the whole system around, but I guess that's kind of the whole point with the 3DS, eh?

I'm really excited. I'll probably get either Steel Diver or Pilotwings at launch, and for sure I'll still be deep into Pokemon Black and White, so I'll have lots to play.

I just hope it's not too much higher than $250 here in Canada.

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On the topic of analog sticks on handhelds, what exactly was the problem with just one analog on the PSP? I owned one for 2 years and I didn't have a single problem with it in the slightest.

If it was due to camera concerns, well I can understand that, but then that lies with the software and not the hardware as much, since developers could figure out ways to work around that(ideally), but if it's because certain types of games(like FPSs) didn't work with that type of layout, well why are you trying to play a genre that doesn't usually translate well to handhelds?

Anyway, as for the 3DS I'm pretty excited. I think out of the whole NES/SNES/GB days, the GB had my favorite titles like Metroid II, Link's Awakening, etc. so it's great to have those games coming back. I'm not entirely thrilled with the launch lineup as I was hoping for Kid Icarus earlier. Also the price is kinda high, but I guess reasonable for the type of tech they're touting. It'll be interesting to see how many devs go for full 3d experiences and how many opt for the additional horsepower by disabling it.

On that note, the battery life could be pretty low to some people(I guess), but there's the backlighting, the 3d, and the wireless functionality to worry about, so chances are it could still be within reason.

I'll probably grab it around the end of the year/early next year when maybe more colors/next revision(if any) are announced.

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History says add about $30 for the system and $10 for the games. If the system is $300 Canadian, then fuck that. $1.00 USD = $0.994 CAD right now, there's no reason to jack up the prices at all. That's damn near parity.

Could you order from a US website and pay in US dollars? That does seem super low to mark up the price that much, given that the value is essentially the same.

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Mmm....think I'll wait until Resident Evil: Revelations and the rest of the bigger-name titles come out before thinking about getting one. Launch titles don't impress me, and neither does the price for a handheld.

The only reason I'd want one earlier is to show it off at PAX East, and enough privileged fanboys are going to be doing that as is.

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Could you order from a US website and pay in US dollars? That does seem super low to mark up the price that much, given that the value is essentially the same.

Given the current exchange rate, it would be cheaper, yes. Assuming that they don't tax it once it comes across the border.

I suppose I'll wait and see how long it is before they release THE 3DS LITE

Given the small size of the thing... what can they slim down at this point? Maybe a better battery... but other than that? I'm not denying it will happen, I just have to wonder what they will change.

I'm hoping the SD slot is SDXC compatible, so I can get a 64 gb card and put a fuckton of music on it.

Edited by The Damned
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I know it's SDHC compatible. How high can those cards go now, anyway?

So OoT3D is looking pretty good: http://ds.ign.com/articles/114/1144795p1.html


I was hoping that they really would go to town with this upgrade, like the upgrade to Metroid with Zero Mission. I wanted redesigned dungeons, new characters, whole new sections, etc. Even SM64DS was a pretty great upgrade, with 4 playable characters and 40 new stars. So far, OoT3D just looks too much like the original. I dunno, maybe the later sections are really great, but I wanted a new experience, not just the original with a new coat of paint, you know?

EDIT: Also, am I the only one annoyed that the hearts are on the bottom screen?

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