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Rare RUMORED to be on the verge of closing...


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To be sincere for the first time in eons, I have to agree that it's sad news. I grew up playing the Rare classics, Cobra Triangle, the Battletoads games (including the awesome one with Double Dragon), RC Pro-Am, The Donkey Kong Country games, Killer Instinct and a few more, and it's a shame to see them go this way.

It just doesn't come as any real shock, since they've been diminished long before they were even bought by Microsoft. Regardless, maybe they could churn out a bad-ass Battletoads and Double Dragon sequel at least before they sink?

Of course that won't happen. I'm not an idiot. But it would be awesome.

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This would be a shame if it had happened in Rare's hayday, but as JH said: the company is a FAR cry from it's former self. It went downhill like a giant rock, especially after the Stamper Bros left and hasn't really ben the golden-egg-laying goose Microsoft thought it had bought. Now they're relegated to working on Avatars and generic Kinect Wii-copycat games.

Good, now I don't have to type how I feel about this.

I'd be really happy to see a new studio rise out of the ashes, made up of past Rare team members. Something like Clover Studios -> Platinum Games.

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Wizards & Warriors (especially part 3 which no one talks about)

UGH! Don't even try to pretend to tell me that game was good.

A: It wasn't the Wizards & Warriors that I knew and loved.

B: Terrible terrible game

C: 1 and 2 were way ebtter

D: Unlike 2, three didn't have a shop owner with his pants at his ankles that threw you out of his shop if you went broke!


Full Image: http://i.imgur.com/uE5JU.jpg

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I hope someone purchases the rights to their intellectual property at least. Losing Killer Instinct, Battletoads, and Banjo would be a bad thing.

Isn't it more likely they'd just transfer their IPs to Microsoft in the event that they were going belly up without a buyer since they were essentially purchased as a 2nd party by Microsoft? Or is it way more complicated than that?

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