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Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim


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I'm hoping to torrent the Making of DVD sometime this week. I really wish there was a $80 dollar version that had the artbook and DVD but no dragon statue...sigh.

Heck yeah, i'll either torrent it or try to find it all on youtube. TORRENT!!! I bought it for Steam. Wish I had the financial security to buy collector's editions, but no, no, no.

Plus, there's trackers 'n' shit.

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Oh yeah, how silly of me. To assume that people here have less of a bias towards particular musical genres than in other places...I really walked right into that one!

Seriously though, the flow is decent and the rhymes/lyrics are pretty damn great. I guess the British accent could be a dealbreaker to some people??

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Attempting to judge physics based on a still image...


-does not compute-

The fact that I somehow managed to get flung up that high should speak for itself. Make no mistake, I'm not criticizing the game for it, it was fucking hilarious when it happened and it's exactly what I'm hoping to see in an elder scrolls game.

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