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I'm really hoping, there's a change in peoples mindset from this...


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I think the radio industry is to a point where they will have no choice but to start taking risks. In class we've had a few radio personalities speak to us and out of all the speakers we listen to, they are the most "gloom and doom" sounding.

When it comes to non-talk radio, I don't know what people want. I know I don't listen to the radio at all anymore for all the obvious reasons, but does the 'mainstream' crowd still listen? I don't know. What I do know is that how they calculate ratings for radio stations is really questionable. They send out listening diaries randomly that can easily be manipulated or filled in last-minute with bogus information. They have an electronic device now called a PPM that automatically records stations but most of the ratings are still carried out through those ridiculous diaries.

They could be duping advertisers into thinking they are reaching a larger audience than they are when I think they could be reaching a larger audience by simply adding variety. If Pandora's success isn't evidence enough of that, then I say let radio continue to be douches and make online streaming services the new radio.

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I still listen to mainstream/Top 40 radio for a couple reasons.

  1. I do a lot of volunteer work with teenagers, and I like to know what they're listening to and stay just up-to-date with their generation in general. I know for a fact that a lot of them still listen to it, but there's also a pretty significant number who are jaded with Top 40 and even the popular alternative stuff.
  2. Pop music right now has a very strong dance/electronica influence. I legitimately enjoy the sound of many Top 40 songs at the moment. I don't think it's 100% trash right now, like many people would claim. There is some very strong talent out there being played on mainstream stations.

That being said, you're still getting quite a few factory-built pop stars and there is much better music of this genre that ISN'T getting played. And it gets repetitive. Not to say that the stuff being played now is terrible, but it needs variety. I certainly agree with the message of Blueprint's song, and I think it's a shame that this is the first time I'm hearing of him.

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Did I mention I just started DJing for Arecibo Radio?

Also, it's not like I'm getting paid to do it but I still have a lot of fun DJing. It's also great to hear such positive responses from people, that I am opening their eyes to great new music, or even inspiring some to dj or broadcast on their own.

I differ from Pandora in that I provide music and information about it that Pandora cannot provide, and a more personal experience, like instead of a program using metadata and tags to find similar music, it is the music I like and would like other people to hear. There are many radio stations in Seattle but very few have interesting DJs and play good music, but I prefer those over the other mainstream, clearchannel stations because they provide me with something new, that I haven't heard before, and new music makes me happier than music I've heard over and over again.

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Soul Position in, sole possession of

Poll position, hold your breath and listen!

Yeah, Blueprint is pretty cool, mostly heard his stuff through the first 2 Soul Position albums, which I admit, I did mostly just so I could listen to RJD2's beats. Then again, if you heard RJD2's first 2 full albums, you'd want to listen to more of his beats as well. :razz:

So that's where you've been! Haven't seen you around much lately. You need to play some Nujabes stuff if you haven't already. Maybe some RJD2 and DJ Shadow stuff too, like this classic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmzHRGoKca0.

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dude that stuff gets played on the autodj! and I don't like 99% of dj shadow's music lol

also this thread is about goddamn Blueprint

If the autodj means your show tracklist so far, then I saw maybe 1 Nujabes track. Guess what I wanted to say earlier was more along the lines of PLAY MOAR! instead. :3

When it comes to DJ Shadow, I don't like all his stuff either, but there is some good stuff there. Emancipator is pretty cool too. As for you thinking I ignored Blueprint...

Soul Position is an American hip hop duo hailing from Columbus, Ohio, consisting of DJ/producer RJD2 and rapper Blueprint. They have released two albums and one EP on Rhymesayers Entertainment.
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I listen to XM Radio on occasion but that's it. Free Radio is just noise after about 45 minutes to an hour of listening. It gets annoying really, really fast.

We are a spoiled generation.

I'm going a bit off track here, but I disagree with your sentiment partly. I do not believe that we are a spoiled generation; I believe that we want more, because we have the ability to have more. Why listen to the radio and hear songs that you dislike and like, when you can throw two earbuds in your ear, or plug in your iPod in your car and listen to all music you like?

Mainstream radio still appeals to a group of people, but I'm not sure how long that will continue. I do agree however, listening to the radio does get annoying quickly.

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It seems really pretentious to me. Oh we're better than everything else on the radio, saying it was a struggle to get on and even going through a "history of radio". Then you listen to the raps and they're pretty standard fare, sure they use sounds that aren't that common, but listen to
tell me it's not the same concept.

T-pain gets mad respect from me. it's a shame that most people wank to his auto-tune skills but are oblivious to his sick chords and smart lyrics or even the few songs that he raps on (which usually never get played on radio).

i second the nujabes notion

third. rest in beats, still rocking Modal Soul as I drive to and from work.

concerning Blueprint: oh yeah, I can dig it. It doesn't fit the "format." lmao...

it's just bullshit as usual.

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