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OCR02223 - Sonic the Hedgehog & Sonic CD (JP) "Subsonic Sparkle"


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Wow, okay. Kinda caught me off guard. Terrific style and production going on here. I'm really loving that this is a who's-who of Sonic tunes, sound effects and those miniscule motifs in the Sonic series that everyone overlooks but really contribute a lot to the soundtrack.

This is a brilliant construction and, on top of it all, its wonderfully tuneful too. Everything sounds super fresh thanks to a signature synth-funk sound, carefully placed cameos and a constantly progressing arrangement. Definitely liking this one a whole lot.

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When I heard that GaMeBoX was joining in on The Sound of Speed, I ultimately felt overjoyed - LOVED his sfx-manipulation-styled work on Project Chaos, and while the general approach is no different for this one as well the production values have managed to escalate their way to what can be expected from a more modern RnB arrangement.

I similarly enjoyed a lot of the cameos in throughout the whole thing too; people may think they may have their inappropriate place, but all the more to flesh out what could be seen as a simplistic source material to begin with. And like many, the Sonic CD shoutout at the beginning was clearly the premature icing on the cake for me, though I can't really fault most of the others going closer towards the end.

As a fellow Project Chaos musician, I'm proud to see you alive and well, and am hoping to see you keep throwing in the fresh beats whenever you can :D

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02223 - Sonic the Hedgehog & Sonic CD (JP) "Subsonic Sparkle"

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