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Physical games are only full price for a short time - at release - and sometimes, not even then. For that reason I have to agree the eShop kinda sucks. You're basically guaranteed to be paying a higher price than what you could get the physical game for. Plus, with the physical game, you can always lend it to a friend or sell it. The only advantage is the convenience of downloading.

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DD is my favorite Mario Kart game as well. Nintendo went crazy with the co-op during the Gamecube era. Although I doubt the double-kart feature will appear in MK8, characters can bump off each over to accelerate while in anti-gravity mode and this makes me think that this will create an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.

So, I foresee a lot of players taking advantage of this and forming bands by this new feature, making nonchalant teams. If you haven't watched the latest Nintendo direct presentation, you probably don't know what I'm talking about. (http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/04-30-2014/#/video-ndirect)

Oh, by the way, if any of you buy MK8, please register your copy. You get a free downloadable Wii U game for doing so. You can dl Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, LOZ Wind Waker Wii U, or Wii Party U. That's just for Americans. You PAL folks get to choose from 10 I think. Just want to make sure you folks are aware of that. :razz:

Yes, I did see the Nintendo Direct. I wonder if that's what they were referring to. But I just remember reading something about either the director or producer stating there would be Double Dash elements. So maybe that's it.

As for the registering thing... Freaking really? Holy crap, that's amazing.

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double dash is probably the worst mario kart

To each his own. In my opinion I'd say that the original one for SNES was the worst.

I don't know, I enjoyed the aspects of Double Dash—it introduced an interesting play mechanic—but I feel that I enjoyed MK Wii more.

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Because they want Wii U sales to stop and one of the patents they're claiming Nintendo is infringing upon was only granted after the Wii U was already out.

It might look a little strange, but it's a pretty common scenario, particularly when you consider that it can take years for a patent to issue after filing. You can only enforce a patent after it issues, and any infringing activity after issuance is redressable, often including stopping sales of the infringing product.

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Nintendo has been taking quite a hit for a few years. What's scary is that Philips wants to completely halt all Wii U sales. That's extremely aggressive, and Philips is a large company. It's like everyone has it out for Nintendo lately. Being one who purchased the Wii U console and still supports it ardently, this kinda sucks. Mario Kart 8 and other titles being shown at E3 could be the beginning of the turn for the company and its latest home console, and it would suck hard for a wrench to be thrown into the wheel.

Philips, the same company that released the CD-i and made those reallycrappy Mario and Zelda games they released. How bizarre.

Over a piece of motion-plus tech. These corporations and their patent-pandering bullcrap. I swear.

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Hyrule Warriors news!!

Producer: Hisashi Koinuma, Yosuke Hayashi

Supervisor: Eiji Aonuma

Developer: ω-Force・Team NINJA

Link sets off to rescue Princess Zelda, who has been kidnapped by the evil witch Shia.

The magazine introduces Link, Impa, Shia, and some of her minions (whose names start with 'Va' and 'Wi').

Location includes Hyrule Field

Interview with Koinuma, Hayashi, and Aonuma. Says there's some unexpected playable characters.

Package price of \7,980, DL price \6,980. Also a premium box for \11,644.

The premium box contains a Tri Force shaped tabletop clock, and six serial codes for special costumes.

Two players can play simultaneously, one playing off the TV and the other playing off the game pad. During single play, the game pad is used as a sub menu.

The play style evolves with the ability to set your character with various weapons, such as the speed focused sword and damage focused heavy weapons.

The game has a weapon strengthening system and elements of character growth.

Uses the action style of Dynasty Warriors as a base, and adds the Z-targeting from the Zelda games. Skillful play makes avoiding attacks and aiming for enemy weak points simple.

The Zelda series's familiar spin attack is replaced with the Musou attack from Dynasty Warriors.

The bomb returns. It sounds as though its use isn't limited to chucking at enemies.

Impa, a newly appointed captain of the Hyrule army, is confirmed as a playable character. She uses a giant sword.

Besides Link and Impa, the game is expected to have a number of other playable characters. Aonuma is even noted commenting on the great number of characters planned.

The game will be playable at E3.

Current development progress is 70% complete.




Boob lady there is a witch named Shia (she's already been mentioned as Zelda's kidnapper) and that guy is Varuga.

Also that thing in the lower-right of the last scan is Wizuro, if I translated that properly.

Source, Source, Source

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They better use that lighting engine they were showing off when they debuted the Wii U.

That was a first party tech demo for something they would of maybe used for a real Zelda game (but probably won't). I don't think they would need a good lighting engine for a Dynasty Warrior game honestly.

Still don't know what to think of Hyrule Warriors. Most of me is wanting to pass on the entire thing because its Dynasty Warriors. But part of me has a weird curiosity to see how a DW/Zelda mashup could work

Also Shira shows that Tecmo definitely has their hands in some of the character design


Also, muliple playable characters (not abnormal for a DW game), with Impa confirmed:


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Squid's Odyssey is out for WiiU (and 3DS)! It's kind of like Fire Emblem meets Crokinole. You assemble a party of four squids and fight corrupted shrimp and crabs to save the seven seas. It's also an enormously long game, from the looks of it. I spent about 3 or four hours on chapter 1 (of 8 ). Worth checking out.

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