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OCR02224 - Mega Man 2 & Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Leaf Storm"


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Of all Robot Masters, Wood Man can DEFINITELY do with more love :wink:

Having already sensed from "Green Hill Avenue" that AeroZ is capable of so many crazy controller changes, it's definitely neat to see it continue to happen here with some nice side-chained synth pads, expressive synth modulation, volume work and chipped arpeggios. And even though it wasn't meant to be an original work, the Wood Man and Wily Sources managed to fit in really well to the written work at hand and showed a very obvious presence. And I'm usually not one for inappropriate cameos, but the Zelda 3 opening demo at 2:35 managed to make a good soft transition to the final presence of Wood Man in the track. All in all, it's a good structure.

As much as I really appreciate the work gone into this, I may have to say that there's not a right lot to diffrentiate the Wood Man appearances from each other, maybe given the chipped synths in the first riff. But that may be seen as more of a nitpick for what can already be seen as a well-established, well-programmed arrangement.

Let's see what you've got for 2012; be sure to keep up your progress, and I'll be looking out for you :D

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02224 - Mega Man 2 & Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Leaf Storm"

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