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OCR Music Video Challenge 5!!!

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Amy, I dunno if Cherna decided to spam your compo with this, but he did it without my knowledge or consent. Feel free to remove the link.

I would never have disrespected the hardwork of everyone here by shamelessly self-promoting my own project. Just wanted to clarify this.

Oh, I thought I had told you. :?

As you said we (artists from the project) could spread the word about it, I felt OCRMVC would be a good place. Plus the number of video was really low this time (only four or so vids from setzer and I), I thought it could help a bit the compo... I feel sorry and I'd excuse myself if I did something wrong to you or to the project... :???:

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Alex, I'm positive: you did not warn me about this. But I don't blame you for being enthusiastic man. It's okay.

The problem is that you've misrepresented the video by not stating that it wasn't made for OCRMVC nor had anything to do with OCReMixes.

I'd have liked to spare Amy from this kind of spamming, simply because there is already a thread for the project on this very site.

So you should be apologizing to Amy and the other people who entered this compo instead.

Hopefully, everything has been clarified now. :wink:

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It's true it wasn't really a music video for an OCReMix, but then, some of our entries kind of bent the rules a bit. I have more thoughts on this, later on I'll write a more in-depth post. For now, I'll leave the link, unless anyone strongly objects to it.

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Finally got a chance to watch. Chernagbogue, that Metroid video was phenomenal, especially the second half where there's a little more action to match the the music. Also, really cool to see such a difference in your work since the KH vid.

I was really looking forward to setzertrancer's videos, too, but the videos all appear to have been removed.

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Hello OCRMVCers and fans! Get ready for yet another way-too-long post by diotrans!!

So I'd like to start off by saying that I'm proud of us for running for almost 2 years now, and having collectively come up with so many OCR music videos. Thanks to all our participants and fans for keeping this going! I do have to say, however, that I feel that there has been a drop-off in participation and enthusiasm in general, with this last challenge. It's great that we had so many videos, but I'm a little disappointed that we only had 2 contributors.

I am not really happy with the way that I have been running the OCRMVC. I am normally a conscientious and organized person. However, this has been an extremely challenging year for me, and a series of events in my personal life that started many months ago has consumed all of my energy and left me unable to focus on even my own personal creative goals. As a result, I have been unable to give the OCRMVC the attention I feel it deserves, and I feel that it has suffered as a result.

While the entries in OCRMVC have mostly been solo entries, I still view it as a collaborative challenge, and believe that the energy that the participants have put into it has fed into itself and inspired others. In other words, the more people we had that were really into it, and were vocal about their projects in the thread, the more that inspired others to start and finish their videos. I think that's a really great thing. However, I am finding I no longer have this energy to put into the community, at least, not at the moment with everything I'm struggling with.

So I would like to say that I would prefer not to run the OCRMVC anymore, and I don't think that I should. I think it would do well to have somebody with more energy, who can not only organize but also keep people inspired and find ways to bring the energy back into the challenge. On the other hand, if me stepping down is going to cause the OCRMVC to stop altogether, I would rather just keep running it the way it has been going, rather than to let it die. So, 1. are there any takers who would be interested in taking over running the OCRMVC? 2. if not, then I will volunteer to at least continue keeping up the rudimentary functions of maintaining the thread, and scheduling and running the viewing party.

In any case, whatever happens with the OCRMVC, it will always have my support, and I will still be around in the thread, at the viewing parties, or if somebody else ends up taking over and has any questions for me.

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Thank you dio for all your hard work.

I would love to say I can take over the viewing party, but my life can get pretty unexpectedly busy too. I will have a think about it and maybe if no one else can step up I will.

I won't make any promises though unless I can have at last one entry so I maybe If I can be sure I'll have a music video for the next one, I may host the next OCRMV. However I will not be able to have it in the next 8 weeks, because I will be very busy with school. After that date I should have more free time.

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sorry to hear you're so busy, diotrans. You've done a really great job so far.

I'm interested in trying to run it, but it would be silly of me to commit to something like this right now. I'm so behind on work I've promised people... other obligations have to take priority for now. I do have ideas to bring back energy to the competition though. I'll share those with whomever steps up.

I love video. I identify myself with it strongly, much more than music.. so if I ever am in a position to run this contest, I'd really love to. The time isn't right yet, but if it ever is I just want that information to be known.

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I waited a few days before responding to this. I wanted to make sure I addressed the issue(s) OCRMVC faces appropriately.

I think that any creativity focused community struggles with a lot of the same issues online. Finding communal motivation, meeting deadlines, finding energy, encouraging others, overcoming technical difficulties, and a necessary push in advertisement in general plague our condition. It's trying, and has been worth overcoming... but it's also nothing surprising or new.

IRL, one can actually hang out with a person and push them on progress, or collaborate a little more easily, or bitch them out if they need to get up off their ass. The ONLINE factor, (and this ISN'T a shot at your current predicament Dio, I'm included in this group as well) is one where claims of 'I'm really busy...', or 'Life's hectic right now...' go unvalidated and have to be taken at face value. I'm not saying any of us WEREN'T actually busy when we said we were, I'm just pointing out how voluntary this all really is.

We see this in other variations of our field too; remixes and remix project collaborations, and with various video things on the Internet; channel101 and 101ny... contests...

I knew coming to a group of gamer/nerd/musicians on a video game remixing site, who didn't really make music videos, that the group of interested people would be scarce. It's like how when you have a facebook invite that has 25 people in confirmed or maybe, and then only 10 show up... intention might be there, but you round down. So when I started the first challenge with Biznut I started a couple spam threads on various nerd/video/music boards to try and attract as much non-ocr attention as possible. I was immediately looking towards potential prizes to try and attract people from outside the OCR community.

I'm really not too discouraged by the response we've been getting, nor do I think that the dwindling numbers is a sure-fire sign that anything here hasn't worked. The videos we have made (except for maybe in the case of setzertrancer who deleted his account) AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE. We have much more reason to be proud and optimistic than defeated or discouraged.

I wanted to put in my two cents... I'll leave it at this for tonight. As for where we might go from here, I have an idea or two, but I'll leave that for another night.

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I'm posting this here because I have an idea for a music video, and I need your help. I need videos of you and/or friends rockin' out/gettin' down/etc. There is no preferred filetype or size or length (longer the better; more content to work with). When I finish the video, I'll post it here after getting clearance from the proper people for you all to see.

In summation, PM me video clips of people (you and/or others) rockin' out/gettin' down/etc. Everyone shall get proper credit, don't worry. Please help me out here! Thank you. :D

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This contest is probably my main impetus for getting out a video one of these days. I won't have any time until next summer, though, after I get my degree... that much I know.

I kind of wouldn't mind taking it up after then, if possible. It's a lot of fun every time, even if I'm just in the audience. KF

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Oh cool! :)

I meant that in a "I'm getting impatient for this to be rebooted" kind of way. Not that I'm officially about to reboot it. It's been long enough that I'm at least going to start messaging diotrans about it. Whether or not she's ready to bring it out of hiatus, I think it's about time we somehow got the ball rolling again.

dio did a really nice job organizing it so far though. I hope she can keep doing it.

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