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OCR Music Video Challenge 5!!!

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And now it's time for...

OverClocked Remix Music Video Challenge 5

We will have an IRC viewing party the evening of the challenge's deadline. The tentative deadline for this challenge is Sunday, August 21. I wanted to pick a time towards the end of the summer because the summer is a tricky time when everyone goes on vacations and has other things planned. Hopefully that day will work for everyone, but I will leave it open to discussion, and if too many people have conflicts, we can move the date.

IRC viewing party details

Sunday, August 21 @ 9 PM EST

irc.esper.net #ocrmvc

The guidelines for participating are simple:

1. Pick a posted OCReMix. Posted album tracks from official OCR albums are OK, too.

1b. If you wish, you may share which remix you have chosen so that we don't all pick your chosen remix. However if you would rather keep yours secret, that's fine too. I will say though, that there are plenty of remixes to choose from, and we've never had any repeats so far.

2. Make a music video! But please, nothing so inappropriate or vulgar that it would break the YouTube guidelines.

3. Upload your video to YouTube as unlisted. (From YouTube: "Unlisted" means that only people who know the link to the video can view it. The video will not appear in any of YouTube's public spaces, such as search results, your channel, or the Browse page, but the link can be shared with anyone.)

4. PM me the link before the deadline.

Other ways to participate

Making a music video can be a big project, that might benefit from collaborating with others. If you're interested in participating but don't have the means/time/energy to make your own video from start to finish, I encourage you to post in this thread to let us know what skills or equipment you can provide and what sort of people you might be looking to collaborate with. There are many different skills that could be used in making a music video, such as: camera work, lighting, acting, modeling, dancing, photography, drawing, video editing, providing props or set or costumes... the ideas are really limitless. So don't be afraid to jump into the discussion and start a collaboration with others.


- Chernaborgue

- Darangen

- diotrans/Arrow/Kizyr possibly perverted, possibly not perverted collab

- setzertrancer

- Noc

- analoq

- consequently, Modus & LAOS

Call for volunteers

The previous OCRMVCs have been a success, and we would like to see it grow and expand to more participants and viewers. We always welcome any volunteers who want to help promote the OCRMVC. Ways you can help include creating a promotional banner or trailer video, or promoting the OCRMVC in any other forums or communities where it might reach interested people.

We also have a YouTube channel, so you can also help us out by promoting the channel, which has links to the videos from the previous challenges.

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Erm... maybe. The only reliable break I have this summer is -after- 8/21, since my summer classes end on 8/22.

I'll be at the listening party, definitely, but I don't want to imply I can make a video until I'm more certain I'll actually have time to do so. KF

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I was hoping we'd get a little more response than this ^_^;

Well, I might as well express interest, obviously. Is anybody in the area interested in collabing again? (the area = NoVA/MD/DC area.) I always have ideas for music videos, but nothing solid that I'm dead set on this time, so I'm up for brainstorming.

And to anybody who was interested in our last challenge but didn't make the deadline, now is your change to redeem yourself and finish up your video this time around!

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Well you can certainly sign me up. it probably won't be Pirate Shout yet. But I have an idea I've wanted to work on since the last OCMVC. I will warn you though that if I am without a computer it may not happen, I say this because my computer has been scaring me lately with it's age and behaviour. But I can assure you that that and death will be the only things that will be preventing me from coming up with something, hopefully better yet again. I have to admit though my last one will be hard to outdo.

I will not announce the mix this time as at the last comp I change my mind and disappointed the remixer. It could happen again if I have a better idea and I actually haven't listened to new mixes for a while so who knows.

Oh and my plan is for my first live action one!!

Good Luck everyone I look forward to seeing many quality entries yet again.

edit: Lol thanks diotrans I'm flattered that you asked about me. I checked back in the forums often shortly after the last comp and then took a break from checking for a while.

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Oh and my plan is for my first live action one!!

We look forward to it!

edit: Lol thanks diotrans I'm flattered that you asked about me.

It wouldn't be OCRMVC without you! ,)

Noc: We look forward to yours too, and if you still have something salvageable from your previous efforts, feel free to finish it up for this. Or start something entirely new. ^_^

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Cool nice and early I have already come up with an idea and will probably start tonight. I have changed to a plan to not make it live action. Instead it will be animated. I am just now asking permission to use a fellow Youtuber's work as what I edit with. Plus I'm actually entering it an a competition she is running simultaneously, I need her permission to enter it here as well. If I can't I should have plenty of time to make 2 videos.

I currently listening to the newest OCremixes for inspiration.

If you guys like you can give me suggestions as I think you all know my taste in music now.

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I have finished a new Music Video. However I have had to publicly release it in order to enter another contest and hopefully gain viewers and subscribers from that. Hopefully that shouldn't disqualify me from at least showing it at OCRMV5. In order to not spoil it for yourselves that are subscribed to me don't check out my latest Youtube video titled 'Forever Young Rachel'. Yes that's the remix I chose. I won't even link it. There is still a lot of time left so I could have more vids before the deadline.

I am anticipating a computer upgrade soon, which means better videos as editing with this ancient one has been difficult.

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Hey I just came across this challenge. I would love to participate one day when I get my editing software. It looks like a lot of fun, I checked out the youtube channel and I must admit you guys are talented love the stuff and can't wait to be amongst you guys once I have said software

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