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OCR Music Video Challenge 5!!!

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No big for me. I'll be viewing no matter how many entries, whether I'm participating or not.

I just don't have the cash to fix my editing machine so I'm sidelined for a while here. And I'm done with making straight-line editing videos.. I'm trying to push into motion graphics from here on out, and I need my heavy duty PC for that.

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Hit an interesting snag... apparently if I take long video clips (ie: 4 minutesish of my 5 minute cap) the file size triggers an I/O error when I try and move it off my camera. Can't say it's unfair considering a 4 minute, uncompressed, 720p clip off my camera is over 400MB, but it still makes certain footage inaccessable.

I have a few ideas about how I might still be able to deal with this issue, but it might wind up being the thing that sinks me this round. We'll see.

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Okay well I should be able to get you all another video compilation of my past partial OCR remix music video work. I have gotten my old laptop out, recovered it and installed another trial of internet download manager.

Anyway I won't be able to be at the viewing party, because I have something very important to do at 9:00am exactly when it starts for the rest of you.

I have actually made 4 non OCR music videos, due to a great new inspiration I found and they are all several steps beyond what I have made here. So if anyone is interested you can always visit my youtube channel and see how insane I've become. http://www.youtube.com/user/setzertrancer

Okay now I'm going to make this 2nd compilation video as soon as I can.

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sigh, If it was just school I was missing I would seriously be at the viewing party, but, well my channel will soon reveal why it was more important to go to class.

I wish you all luck, and I will be working non stop this weekend, with several responsibilities that have piled up all at once, including my second Music video for this competition.

I must say I'm disappointed at the lack of entries this time.

But I can't really talk as I could have had another 4 videos for OCRMV if they fit the rules, but sometimes I have to look outside of what's familiar for inspiration.

But it is still this competition alone that inspired me to make Music Videos, up until this new motivation.

I will still try and make 1 video at least each competition out of respect of what this community has done for me.

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It's officially Confirmed I will have a 2nd video. It is 10 minutes worth of partial Music Videos for OC Remixes. Hopefully that will make up for the lack of submissions this time.

The video quality is low unfortunately, but that is youtube's fault for their determination to stop people from downloading videos with even the best software.

It's bullshit that I can't even download my own videos at full quality. Youtube has gone downhill since Google owned it.

Please save the chat log dio.

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You guys, we have 6 videos this time! All from 2 participants. Great job, setzer and cherna. Thanks for your hard work, we really appreciate it, because without you guys this would literally not exist ^_^;

setzertrancer 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_smmgLYzWU

setzertrancer 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP-OZeMbaoc

chernabogue 1 -

chernabogue 2 -

HD not necessary

chernabogue 3 -

chernabogue 4 - http://vimeo.com/27668056

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Sorry I couldn't be there. It's a shame we only had 2 people with entries, but from what I read it looks like there are a lot that were partially made but not in time for this OCMVC. So I expect to see them all next time.

I can't really talk though as I have actually made 4 music videos since Forever Young Rachel, that are all my best work yet, the catch is that none of them are OCR Remixes, they are in fact, My Little Pony Remixes.

Check them out if you want more awesome music videos.





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By the way I think there was some curiousity in the chat. So i'll answer some questions.

None you the animation was done by me, all the footage was provided by ThunderKathryn who is producing her own animated series called Wolf Song, almost all on her own. Which is very admirable. I am voice acting a few minor characters in it and have been supporting her efforts for a very long time now.

Yes the color lines were captured from a Windows Media Player visualisation. But all the flashes were customly key framed in one by one.

The last song featured in my compilation Double Trouble by Team Rocket was not an OCR. It was from the official Pokemon cartoon Album. I know that broke the rules but I was proud of my work on it and wanted to show it off anyway.

Sorry about the blank bit at the end. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to check my upload very carefully.

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Sucks about my tech hiccup. It was a long shot. Say what you will though, I consider 6 vids a decent turnout. Very glad to see this challenge is going strong.

Stevo, you definitely should co-ordinate with Amy next time. It would be better for everyone that way now that ocad is live. :D Last thing we need within the OCR community is squabbling over competing for the same time block. That's just unnecessary.

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chernabogue 4 - http://vimeo.com/27668056

Amy, I dunno if Cherna decided to spam your compo with this, but he did it without my knowledge or consent. Feel free to remove the link.

I would never have disrespected the hardwork of everyone here by shamelessly self-promoting my own project. Just wanted to clarify this.

OCRMVC is a great compo, and I'd love to join it in the future. :)

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