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Team OC ReMix [Halo2 Clan]


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Peanut Butter Jelly Time on the next Family Guy. Woot. I've even spoken to the maker of that before... Time to tell him the news!

If by..next you mean...last week's.

Not on adult swim =P

I'ma tweak our clan symboly thing, making it say "The Original OCR Clan" somewheres on it... Too many other wannabe clans out there ¬_¬

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OKay, I'm sorry I couldn't make it at all over thanksgiving break.. went to my grandparents and they only have a 56kb connection :[ I only have this week and 2 days of the next and my 4 week break commences so I promise I'll be online. I hope people play.. I miss xbox live and every one!


Deej: Instead of Original.. try OFFICIAL! :D w00t!

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i would love to join but i don't have an x box tell christmas but when i do plz add me used to play but i broke my o beloved xbox (dam cord) hope to join
Wait, you just broke a cord? What cord was it? The A/V cord or the power cord? Or maybe a controller cord? All of those are easily replaced.
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I know the feeling.

I usually only get to play with Magicshmop but his Xbox done brok'ded, and lately the peeps on my friends list have made themselves scarce.

Haven't really played on XBL in about 4 weeks. Kick ass system link parties though (only 1% lag!).

See you guys on XBL.... if you send me invite on message boards at least. Wurd.

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Oh, and just cause I missed it.


Quite a game last night, We all used the same icon, and hid in a corner. When they finnaly found us, they were like wtf!

We also had a matchmaking game where every one of us got a kill frenzy,on purpous. Fun times, fun times.

That was awesome. I got Magic to change to my Icon/Colors and then we talked 7 peeps into changing aswell, then went into matchmaking w/ 7 of em. :D

frickin clone wars >.<

Rumble training with 7 clones and 1 random guy... oh teh sweetness

I'll check back later... I BETTER have another post or else I'm bustin heads..... :P

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