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Kingdom Hearts -HD II.5 ReMIX- (PS3) DEC 2 NA, DEC 5 EU


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Birth by Sleep - 10 yrs before KH1 - Sora is 4

Kingdom Hearts - Sora is 14

Chain of Memories - Sora is 14

358/2 Days - Sora is asleep, 14-15

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Sora is 15

Re:coded - Sora is 15-16 (You're not playing as actual Sora)

Dream Drop Distance - Sora is 15-16

The reason he appears young is because this is "the world submerged in sleep." Yen Sid send him and Riku here as part of their Mark of Mastery exams, to show that they are true Keyblade Masters.

Presumably, the reason he's back to 14 is because Yen Sid wants him to show his raw power, the power he had before his journeys began, to see if he truly is fit to be called a Master. But he's still 15-16.

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any non-console kingdom hearts is just shovelware

actually with the exception of chain of memories all of the handheld KH spinoffs were pretty excellent
Chain of Memories = the one handheld KH game i ever played/own

I guess it's rather hilarious, then, to know of the existence of Re:Chain of Memories...

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Neku showing up makes me wish they'd put out a 3D TWEWY game.


Please God, no.

One of the reasons TWEWY is great is because it's not 3D. Also, is there no franchise that KH will not consume? Really, I don't hate the KH series but I never did like the fact that everything popular in Square + Disney seems required to be churned through that machine.

On the bright side, this confirms that TWEWY is popular - possibly enough to warrant a second game. Hopefully one that retains some of it's visual aesthetic appeal.

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it hasn't, it's just that making a game for a console tends to justify having a smaller narrative scope with a bigger focus on gameplay

KH and KH2 were very cutscene and story heavy games and the third entry currently in development will likely be the same, which would logically mean a longer development cycle

and one has to keep in mind that the KH series is essentially Nomura's pet project, something that he has less time for ever since Squeenix decided to put him in charge of every single other non-Dragon Quest game they make

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The only KH handheld I played so far is 358/2, and is one of the few games I liked enough to 100%. I definitely wouldn't consider that shovelware.

And from what I hear, Nomura's treating KH3D more like a full KH game on the same level as the main series rather than a spinoff.

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Not that many days, LOL
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I've always liked the idea behind Kingdom Hearts, but I've been less partial to it since it decided to go so far up it's own plot's ass with KH2. I also have a hard time going back to them after one playthrough.

Of course the only handheld entry I played was Chains of Memories on the GBA, so maybe the other entries are more my thing.

I was pretty excited to see SE do some cross pollination with their other series by including Neku, so I guess we'll see.

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No, this is NOT Kingdom Hearts 3. But it leads into it. The next game after this will be KH3, and it will also spell the end for Xehanort.

Also, Neku's only in this cuz he was designed by Nomura, so it makes sense. I doubt they're gonna start adding in whatever they can. Plus, this takes place in the realm of sleep, so I doubt Neku will be a new recurring character.

More than likely, he remains within Traverse Town for the entirety of the game.

DusK: The game is 358/2 Days, and they're developing this to be on par with Birth by Sleep, and be the final transitional title between 2 and 3.

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True, but they're Final Fantasy characters.

Neku is the first non-FF non-Disney character to make an appearance in the series, and it's only cuz Nomura designed him.

(also, let's forget about Setzer in KH2, shall we? might as well be a different character...)

EDIT: Animated Neku awesomeness.


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