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Just finished listening. Awesome work.


Give him an inch and he takes 0.621371192 miles. (1 kilometer)

Cuz I'm long, and I'm strong, and I'm down to get the friction on. :lol: I badgered you to plug Ormgas? Hahaha, and no reason to use all 3 calls! What is you smoking? You Canadians ain't too brite!


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Okay so here's the deal... we thought it would be fun to put out a little contest (though its not really a contest REALLY...) to the wonderful community of musicians listening to our show. We're opening up the doors to people interested in creating or remixing the intro to our show....


we're like... working on a new intro (hopefully for show 20) cuz although our first and only original VGDJ intro kicks mega ass (because Rayza is a Masta), we thought it would be a cool change... but we ALSO thought (wow look at ALL this thinking) in the meantime...there's like 4 episodes we could open up to people to provide us with a ReMix (or original) of an intro for us that we would play on 016 to 019, and for any random show we feel like after the fact.... so ya.

Here are the GUIDELINES:

1) It must have "VEE GEE DEE JAY" said in it somewhere

2) Must be :45 seconds MAX

3) Can use clips from old shows.

That's it! So if you wanna get a mix on our show, here's your chance :D (or just get DJP off his fat ass and judge your mix already, geezuz)

(ikid :D)

Okay so we hope this will be fun and we get entries...yah? yah.


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that looks really yummy.

I'd just like to point out the top-right corner of that picture.

"WESLEY treat". *points to first half of name*


I think not.

It's apparent that Aurora wants ME, not wingles.

We all know that Aurora has Franklin already, and will never give him up.

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I voted. :)

Now, onto relevant topics...what can we set up in terms of an interview/special for Chrono Symphonic? It's about that time of year, and VGDJ should DEFINITELY be the place to announce its Tuesday release to the OCR community.

Agree? Disagree?


Wow I didn't know it was getting released so soon. I'll try contacting you by AIM to set something up.

Edit: I was talking to Hemo and he says its being released later in the month, I thought you mean Tuesday the 6th. Lemme know whats up..

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