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Welcome back Sir Nuts!

Given your contributions to the various Mega Man competitions in the past, it's obvious that the Concrete Man EP wouldn't really be the same without you.

The 80s italo-disco direction was actually pretty neat, which shows your strengths in regards to adapting to various different fields of electronica rather than the regular trance. Strangely I wasn't quite feeling the writing the first time around as I felt it seemed a bit clashy, with most of the key points of disonnance residing with the parts with the hard-right-panned synth from around 1:20 onwards, not to mention the weak ending with the brief drum solo, but you soon made for it with a lot of care and detail taken to the genre and some of the crazy controller work closer to the end.

I couldn't really say I was as crazy about this one as some of the other forum dwellers were, but in regards to your recent posts this is definitely a return to form and we hope that you'll keep sending stuff more regularly. I know you got the capacity, Nuts :D

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Concrete man represent!!

The melody is strangely panned, and a little buried, but overall I was really feeling this. It's like the 80's suddenly learned a ton of new production techniques. Overall feeling the sound, though I think the melody should have been more centered. Not really feeling the ending, however.

Some of the chromatic alterations to the melody had me going O_o, but overall I think it worked out. This has a lot of character, and a classic 80's vibe.

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While I admit I'm somewhat partial to Flexstyle's treatment of Concrete Man, I can respect the disco. And mad respect it is... Seriously, I'm going nuts over this arrangement! :tomatoface:

Bad pun aside, I can imagine dancing to this and really doing some awesome disco dancing with it. Of course, I would get very, very, VERY weird looks from people, but hey... I'd rather dance than "byte blocks!" :tomatoface:


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Nice. I'm digging the 80's italo-disco arrangement of this ReMix. It really does bring in that 80's feel and I really like that. Some of the sections seemed a bit sharp and loud to me, but I'm not all that bothered. All together, this is a very good mix that holds up the style it was going for really well. I actually liked the ending myself. Good job.

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