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New Year's Resolutions Thread 2012 Edition


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I don't make New Year's resolutions, but I do have a few long-term goals that were already in place.

- Get paid for scoring a game that gets released (I've been paid for scoring a game that may or may not ever see the light of day, already, haha).

- Learn to play guitar with some measure of competence.

- Keep ingesting less sugar and play sports more often.

- Get my associate's degree and move onto the last two years of college.

- Obtain necessary equipment for "full band" mobile recording setup, record some local bands, then make a profit.

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I've never actually been big on New Year's resolutions but I can definitely make some.

-Finish and release my album

-get another remix posted

-get back into shape for parkour

-various parkour related goals

-Hang around OCR more. I miss you guys.

-save money for MAG 11

-eat better. Expand my retardedly picky diet.

-pick up a new instrument and record it into a song

-survive until 2013

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*Put a lot more practice into my lead guitar work

*Learn a lot more about music theory

*Learn a lot more about music production

*Learn to play keys significantly better than I do now

*Get more mixes past the Judges Panel, shooting for at least two this year

*Participate in more remix compos

*Lose some major weight and stop being a chubby chubberson

*Get back to college

*Save up enough money to make 2013 as awesome as it could be

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Really? I guess it was only a matter of time. Since I have you on the horn, catch me up on everything that's happened at OCR since April 2010, which was my last login.

A shit ton of albums were released. Like over a dozen.

Oh, and the site still hasn't updated.

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2011 was a great year for both me and Addie. I presented my first musicology paper at "Music and the Moving Image" -- a paper on how the music of Left 4 Dead is designed to communicate gameplay information to players.

My resolutions for next year, in order of importance:

Pass my Master's exams and receive my MA in Musicology.

Write an full-length academic paper and publish it to the web, making it public to anyone that wants to see it.

Sing for another OCR track.

Start a blog and make an entry at least once every two weeks.

Look into the possibility of creating an academic conference focusing on the study of video game music; if it's possible, start one!

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Late to the party, but might as well chip in.

2011 was huge for both my wife and I, but mostly me.

Spent half the year unemployed. Ouch

Got Married, with no debt. Yay!

Moved to Minnesota with no debt. Yay!

Bought a new car. Yay!


Commited to MAGFest! Yay!

So upcoming goals for 2012

Continue to develop my musical chops, specifically composition and keyboard.

Release an original track.

Compete in DoD again.

Save up and buy a home.

Kill off 1/4 of my college and car debt by the end of the year. 70k total to pay off, so about 18k over 12 months.

Lose 10 lbs

Stay employed through the year. Currently contracted, so small gaps in jobs (1-2 weeks) are permissible.

Get wife involved in an online community outside of WoW. Working on OCR, but if she goes somewhere else, that's awesome as well.

Stop raiding in WoW, pick up new hobbies.

Prep for MAGFest again in 2013

Travel to China or Greece

Learn beginner Mandarin

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