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OCR02365 - Chrono Trigger "By the Old Mill"


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The acoustic guitar sound pulled me in and kept hold of me throughout this track.

the original source is great already but this remix just makes you want to sit outside in the sun and just relax in the breeze.

Harjawaldar has killer studio....skills

keep up the great work dude this remix is DA Bomb.

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Also this track makes me wonder why nobody had the idea of an OCR-Unplugged album


Very relaxing piece we have here. And I agree with what others said about the organ; it really adds that certain something which makes the mix more than "just" a nice, acoustic song. I actually wish there would have been more organ.

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I feel a modern version of Chrono Trigger would have to feature this song. It's beautiful. ^_^

Wholeheartedly agree with this. Such a wonderful and gorgeous arrangement for a great song. Acoustic guitars are like the pianos of stringed instruments to me, so hearing something like this and hearing the beauty of it is awesome. Some parts actually make me think of the village in Zelda: LttP. So warm and comfortable. Love this ReMix for sure.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02365 - Chrono Trigger "By the Old Mill"

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