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Capa Langley

Appreciation of VG Music 10: Intro/Main Themes

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Theme #10: The Intro/Main Theme of a video game

What is needed:

  • Link a stream or youtube video of your favorite original track that must correspond with the current theme. Not limited to just one.
  • Explain why you like the specific track. Don't just say you like it.
  • Some favorites will often be shared between more than one persons. This means someone else will likely post a track which you like. So instead post your 2nd favorite or so forth. No duplicates. The idea here is to spread as much different tracks as possible.
  • Or, you can post a track you've never really listened to before and write why it should be enjoyed.
  • Participation is key.

Previous sessions:

1. Battle Music

2. Game Boy

3. Vocals

4. Scary Theme

5. Sad Theme

6. Live Instruments

7. Guitars

8. Character Theme

9. Summer

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Megaman X5 Intro:

People may not think its the best X game, but I loved this intro music. This song really pumped me up back when I first was playing through this game. Kinda wanna do a rockin' cover of this at some point.

*EDIT: Just had to throw this one in here.

L.A. Noire Theme:

Its so smooth. I can seriously lounge this song, its fantastic.

Also the theme from Shinobi III:

Almost forgot this one. It was a real gem back on the Genesis. I absolutely loved this game, and this song introduced the game so well. Nonstop, fast paced ninja action.

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- 'North American Intro'

Oh heck yeah. This music perfectly introduces you back into the world of Mega Man X and Zero some time after the events of MMX3 where a new threat of the 'Repliforce' has arisen. The opening music has what I like to call a "Repliforce" feel to it and indeed, all the music of this game was written in a way that, for me, gives that faction a 'sound', if that makes sense. Great intro! Too bad the Japanese got


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This is one track that has always found its way back to my head. It's so memorable and just hits you deep. You can even break-dance to it! I really like how it starts slow then picks up into this nice fighting rhythm where your body wants to get active. Then it goes quiet again for the bridge, and then BAM right back into the action.

I'm still hoping for a new game in this generation, but we'll have to see.

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The Title Theme of Megaman II (aka Rockman World II) for the Game Boy.

The first GB Megaman got me hooked for the whole Megaman series, but Part II is my all time favorite. It has cool bosses and even cooler music, because some of the Robot Masters got a new tune for this game (like Needle Man, whose music is the reason I started remixing)

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While the game could've been better easily, Spiralmouth's acapella score contribution turned out to be so catchy to me and add to the fun Saturday Morning Cartoon atmosphere the game was presenting itself with.

Probably the first time I EVER paid close attention towards a game's title song. Even the game itself didn't disappoint itself score-wise; you'd be thinking exactly HOW they managed to get such textures done on a small 8-bit system like the Game Boy. o_O

Katamari Damacy - Katamari on the Rocks

NAAAAA NA NA NA NA NAAA NAA NAAAA NA KATAMARI DAMASHIIIII. Anything else that needs to be added is completely unnecessary.

Klonoa - The Windmill Song

I had stated in an interview with Mirby that these PS1 scores were often the ones that got me to pay a significant more amount of attention to game music than any other generation. Klonoa was one of the inspirational titles to me, and the theme song even proved itself with some great acoustic guitar programming for its time, time signature changes (holy 5/8 batman!) and fitting the appropriate nature for Klonoa's wind valley home.

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The Mega Man III intro theme!

Though I've never played this or any of the other Mega Man games (other than Maverick Hunter X for a few minutes), I've always enjoyed their music. Especially this track. Starts off kind of slow and dramatic, then POW! In comes that galloping rhythm that metal guitarists love so much. Just a wonderful bit of music that lends itself so easily to heavy rock covers and remixes.

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Some good'uns:

by Matt Furniss:

The game itself is ok, but after the creepy heartbeat sounds that play, to hear this badass music makes you feel like you are going to be going on one hell of an adventure. Which is... not exactly the case but it's the thought that counts. Really, the effect is awesome if you watch the intro yourself.

by Chris Hulsbeck:

The game is only average at best, but gosh damn if this isn't some of the

that doesn't come from David Wise or Tim Follin! Seriously, check out the soundtrack, because it's one of the best SNES soundtracks in existence, right up with the Dean Evans/Johnathan Dunn OCEAN games and Tim Follin stuff.

by Tim Follin

by Tim/Geoff Follin

Speaking of the Follins, you cannot talk about great intro/main themes without talking about these guys. Experts is what they are, no matter what hardware they're working with. These songs are both impressive for their respective hardwares, and are bitchin' tunes to boot.




A John Madden game with awesome music? Surely you jest!

Made by none other than legend Rob Hubbard, one of the kings of British VGM, this is probably the best song to carry the John Madden name!

by Ben Daglish



by Jeroen Tul

I can fill this entire thread with posts of C64 music; after all, the title/main theme music is often the most memorable part of a C64 game's soundtrack ; p

But suffice it to leave with these two awesome chiptune composers.

So yeah, EC has left you all with more obscure music. You may return to your normal posting schedules.

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Share on other sites - "Karma" from Tales of the Abyss

Not sure how you feel about anime music videos used in games, but Karma from Tales of the Abyss is my favorite non-FF/non-Square intro.

It's too bad the lyrics weren't included in the NA version because they make a really exciting track that much better. The lyrics in this song speaks to how everybody fights for their own right to exist by virtue of simply being alive, very powerful theme there. Particularly these lines:

Shinzou ga hajimatta toki [From the time that a person's heart starts beating]

iya demo hito ha basho wo toru [even if they don't want to they take a place]

Ubawarenai you ni [they keep protecting it]

mamoritsudzuketeru [so that it isn't taken away]

There are other themes in this song, but I thought that was the one which really made ToA shine as a game.

2nd Place - "Ballad of the Goddess" from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (


Not only is it powerful and exciting, it was brilliantly composed playing Zelda's Lullaby backwards! Also, I love the presence of the low brass which gives it that powerful adventurous feeling we love in Zelda games.

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