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ambient sure likes covering Chrono Trigger :) .

The song name is appropriate - the song goes all over the place in the middle before returning to some sort of higher normalcy. For a electronic piece, this song keeps the listener engaged with a unique take on Corridor of Time. It is easy to zone out while listening to this song.

I don't have much to say but good job here providing something different!

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For those looking for easy access to the hard-to-make-out lyrics, here they are. The OC Remix only lists the first and second verses, but I thought the following lyrics sounded different, so I did more digging and from what I found, this is what I think is being sung. If I'm wrong, sorry. If I'm right, it should help you sing along better, lol... I always hate blaring this on my car stereo and going "aaweerreerrr againnnnn eereaaaannnnnorrr dream again" and stuff.

Admittedly, the prequel to this song was sorta meh, but WOW did the "redo" come out fantastic! Great job! Love it! Onto my very selective playlist it goes. :)


This place I know, a simple reality

But what I know only my mind believes

A butterfly that flies so high in the sky

What can I know, only when dreams come true

Close your eyes and dream

Open your mind and see again

Where we are, you're so far away from me

But boundaries are nothing within my dreams

I'll fly away on wings of mist and of spray

You'll soar with me only when dreams come true

Close your eyes and dream that you're flying away

Open your mind and see again

And dream again


And dream again

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Hmmm, that was quite the opening! The vocals where great with the robotic make-over, but they're a bit hard to hear because of the music and the way they're done. Not bashing them because I loved the idea and use, but I'm thankful for the lyrics tab at times. Other than that, very exciting and the kick up to dubstep was pretty cool. Great stuff here, fellas!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02389 - Chrono Trigger "Lucid States"

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