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Street Fighter: The World Warrior Remix Royale


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My votes are in!

Brandon vs. Ghetto Lee Lewis:

This was the toughest call for me, but I had to go with Ghetto. They both did great jobs with production and arrangement and all that. The tiebreaker was that Brandon's had Guile as a much more dominant theme while I felt Ghetto's was a better mix of the two.

Jakesnke17 vs. OA

I don't think I've ever heard Blanka's theme taken in such an aggressive direction before like OA's track. It really worked for me. Props to Jake for a good mix, though.

Phonetic Hero vs. Nebix

I expected Neblix to floor me as he often does. His track is certainly not bad, but I don't feel it was quite as strong as some of his other work and the voice clips didn't really do much for me (weird coming from Mr. "Inserts Wily Laugh into every song" I know). Phonetic Hero had some really nice changeups in his beats and what not and ultimately I am a sucker for that sort of thing.

EDIT: Oh, and Gario you did a great job even though you didn't have an opponent. Keep it up!

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Now for some short reviews:

GLL vs Brandon Strader

Both amazing tracks, Voted for GLL cuz his outro was very strong, I'll even say emotionally charged.

OA vs Jake

OA had a really epic track but I liked Jake's laidback take a little more.

Phonetic Hero vs Neblix

Have to go with PH on this one, seemed more cohesive, Neblix's was good but a bit chaotic at times.

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Man, it's super disorienting having Saturday be the last day instead of the first. Anyway, my mix is submitted. I've heard it so many times that I don't know what's good anymore which is generally the cue that I need to quit and send it in. Prepare for trouble... or something. I dunno, I'm tired.

lol same thing happened with mine. I heard my mix so many times it's probably one of the mixes i've heard the most. Trying to get the mastering right and such. I tried so many new techniques with it, I'm not even sure it's as good as I think it is.

Anyways, it's all in the name of fun.

EDIT: BTW, in case I survive this round, I still need a sig and i suck at graphic stuff. Just sayin'!

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EDIT: BTW, in case I survive this round, I still need a sig and i suck at graphic stuff. Just sayin'!

I'll get on it dis afternoon, mein kampf

Sending Darke my entry after this shit gets done rendering xD!

Edit: It woulda been nice to blast these krk's for a final reference point ;_;.

The last song I made for a compo, I finished mastering with a pair of Apple earbuds with a bad left bud.

Won the compo


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