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It's killer v priests.

So' date=' where do I take these 2 points?

It seems to me that overall, lethality (instead of improves slice and dice) would be a much better overall choise than improved kick.

What about MoD?[/quote']

Depends, are you a human rogue? If so I would drop MoD outright. If not then you might want to think of moving those two points out of Lightning Reflexes.

I'm a NE rogue. Why should anyone drop MOD?

It does a serious difference.

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Depends on your play style. I look at MoD as a talent that will help me find another stealthed opponent. I duel a lot alongside the BG's I do and whenever I duel a human rogue they are pretty much guaranteed to get the first hit in. If a human rogue is defending a flag in AB or WSG all they have to do is pop perception everytime it is up and if a rogue or druid is coming in at that time then they will see them. Yes MoD will help when moving in on just about any class but with most of the changes done stealth is pretty easy to detect or break out of so my value of MoD has gone down quite a bit.

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Revised it:

Improved Eviscerate Rank 3
Malice Rank 5
Ruthlessness Rank 3
Relentless Strikes Rank 1
Lethality Rank 5
Assassination Total: 17

Improved Sinister Strike Rank 2
Lightning Reflexes Rank 3
Deflection Rank 5
Precision Rank 5
Riposte Rank 1
Dual Wield Specialization Rank 5
Blade Flurry Rank 1
Sword Specialization Rank 5
Aggression Rank 3
Adrenaline Rush Rank 1
Combat Total: 31

Master of Deception Rank 3
Subtlety Total: 3

I need to fine tune this, last time, it cost me 5 gold to respec.

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ooh the new patch is looking nice... the linked AH/trade channel/LFG channel is going to be a HUGE improvement. i also give the multiple BG queues a big hell yes!

people on my server have already been stocking up on the materials needed to open ahn'qiraj. so we should see that done fairly soon (hopefully less than a month).

the new armor sets look sweet as hell. the one im most disappointed in is the hunter set, but it's still a huge improvement over the current dragonstalkers. that pally set is fucking SWEET though.

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Master of Deception 3 or Improved Slice and Dice 3?

Uh.. a no brainer. MoD 3.

Depends' date=' in PVP it is infintely more useful, but Slice and Dice pulls in a lot of damage in PVE[/quote']

I went with MoD since my damage output was increased by this respec. Relentless strikes make AR a lot more interesting simply because I can pull out more energy after my first evis, and I can do 2 fully charged evis during AR instead of one, meaning I can do 2full evic and a 3 or 4 point evis during an AR/blade fury combo.

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argh WoW made me extremely mad today. i was doing scholo run again, trying to get beaststalker's cap. we got to darkmaster gandling, and put on master looter as we had done all the times before. we killed him with ease, and proceeded to loot his corpse.......

let me just say, DONT EVER USE MASTER LOOTER ON DARKMASTER GANDLING. you'll be fucked out of your loot. period. i wrote a ticket and blizzard apparently knows about this bug. as does almost everyone on our realm. people say it's been around since like 1.4 with no fix. needless to say i am extremely pissed.

i gaurantee you that was the 8% drop. now i'm gonna have to run scholo like 15 more god damn times. *cry*

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My guild cleared Zul'Gurub for the first time a few days ago. We hadn't really been taking it seriously, but I decided it was time for the BS to stop and about 2 weeks ago we started doing "real" runs, hashing out strats for ourselves, bringing our good players, setting up a loot system, etc. We killed Hakkar, the Hexxer, and the Panther aspect 2 days ago, and we just did the entire place (minus Hakkar) in about 4.5 hours tonight. Not bad considering we had about 5-6 wipes total.. not on bosses, but on stupid shit like facepulling 5 groups. To be fair, it's very amusing sometimes, but it did waste a lot of time. That instance is a LOT of fun. Fantastic loot too.

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I'm planning on starting the game soon, mostly because just about every one of my friends from school play the game. I'm thinking about Orc Warrior, offensive & be an alchemist...

Anything I should know?

Orc Warriors are pretty awesome. They have some of the best racials in the game and are practically BUILT for PVP. If you're going offense, you have two choices, basically. There's the "Mortal Strike" build which typically uses a powerful 2h weapon, such as an axe, and then there's the "Fury" build which uses two fast one handed weapons to do damage. Most people like the former, but the latter is quite powerful also.

Alchemy is cool. You will also want to pick up Herbalism if you want to do that. Being able to make healing potions, rage potions, free action potions, and stat buffing potions is a very cool ability.

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i officially hate the smolderthorn realm.

let me tell you guys low population sucks. terribly. when you're going through the game you don't notice it so much. until you hit the end game. then you feel it. the overwhelming sense of.. underwhelmedness. it's impossible to find groups to do instances on this server. and when you DO find a group, it's to do scholo. again. for the eleventy-thousanth time. living strat? never. UD strat? once a month maybe. UBRS? you might get lucky and find a rend run, but if you need general you're screwed. LBRS? been trying for over two weeks now to get a LBRS group. can't even get a 5 man group going. DM? pfft don't even think about it. oh but we can do scholo.

why is this? because the end game guilds are constantly merging. and what do they do when they merge? MC, MC, and MC. what does my guild do? pick-up BGs. why? because we can't get healers because they constantly get absorbed by the larger guilds. we have 70+ lvl 60's in our guild, and out of that is 3 priests and 1 druid. when all 3 priests and 1 druid are on (which is basically never) we might try and do ZG once. then one will have to leave before we get to the bloodlord and the whole group disbands.

it's happened too god damn many times.

time to reroll alliance.

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