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Lol, I have a level 12 Night Elf Druid. I was supposed to go to Aberdien (sp?), but I accidently took the wrong ship and ended up near Horde territory. After getting through some pretty tough territory I got to The Barrens (Starting area for Taurens), and tried to communicate with some of the low level characters to no avail. I caused a ruckus and everyone gathered around me, then some smart guys decided to attack me but I killed them all and got some honor kills.

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all i know is if you're horde, 'D C D' comes out as L O L to allies.

and i've seen more than one alliance guy say "U Lo Se" though im not sure what they type to get it.

the only other way i know of to communicate is through the gnomish mind control cap and then emoting whatever it is you want to say. i had some 60 warlock do that to me when i was around lvl 35 at nessingwary's camp and he was telling me to get the fuck out of stranglethorn. so i got some guildies to come push his shit in. fun times.

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all i know is if you're horde, 'D C D' comes out as L O L to allies.


So I just got hooked up with a laptop...it can run WoW, but both PC's cant use the same account simultaneously :(

One of the good things (or so I thought) about buying lappy was being able to have both my kid brother and myself being on at the same time (there's mucho confrontation when it comes to our mutual WoW addiction).

Have any of you heard of a workaround for this? Lappy is connecting through ICS // Crossover cable. (No router).


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As far as I know, there is no workaround other than perhaps some illegal hacks that would allow it. Blizz doesn't want multiple characters from one account on at once, which is why you can't do this. You'll either have to get a hack (and risk getting banned), or bite the bullet and buy an extra account.

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Sorry to randomly bump this thread up without wanting to discuss anythin, but I was wondering if any of you could help me.

My CD-Drive is broken, the registry for the cd-drive is corrupt so I can't fix it in any way, not even buying a new one.

I want to play WoW again, but I have no way of installing it now. i tried downloading the free trial client but it refuses to download properly.

I was wondering if anyone knew any other sites that hosted the client or any other way I can get the game onto my computer.


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so no 1.9. anyways i witnessed one of the coolest threads in WoW history today, and i thought i'd reprise it all for you.

It started with:

To Blizzard with love,

All the players down in Azeroth liked Christmas a lot, But the Blizzard staff, who lived just north of Azeroth, did not.

The Blizzard hated Christmas the whole Christmas season. Oh, please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason.

It could be, perhaps, that their shoes were too tight. Or maybe their heads weren't screwed on just right.

But I think that the best reason of all

May have been that their hearts were two sizes too small.

Blizzard staff: We must stop this whole thing!

Why, for one whole year, We've put up with it now. We must stop Christmas from coming, but how?

It came without ribbons! It came without tags!

It came without packages boxes, or bags!

And they puzzled three hours, till their puzzlers were sore.

Then the Blizzard staff thought of something they hadn't before!

"Maybe Christmas," they thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

And then the true meaning of Christmas came through, And the Blizzard staff found the strength of ten Grinches, plus two.

Ok Blizz, it's December 12, where's Christmas? I've been waiting patiently, I've been good all year. I would like to get into my Christmasee cheer. Where are my snowballs, my enchantments, and rings? My gift boxes, eggnog, ribbons, and things?

Did you really steal Christmas? Please tell me it's a lie! If you really stole Christmas, surely I'll die.

Please Blizzard if you have a heart, please tell us all when Christmas will start!

Just when you thought my poem was done, the players would like you to give this a run!

The 1.9 patch, what's the hold up? It's taking so long, did you spill your coffee cup? We would like to see it live on our servers, filling us with a mighty fervor.

Oh please Blizzard, tell us where's our 1.9 patch! I'm baking some cookies, and I'll give you a batch!



My dearest of Pikas, sweet gnome clad in pink,

I'm saddened, appalled, nay, crushed that you'd think

We'd forget the best, merriest time of the year

And leave all of Azeroth bereft of cheer.

Rest assured, my dear Pika, the glorious Feast

Is coming for Humanoid, Undead and Beast

On the 15th of this month, just three short, scant days

So prepare to party in Winter Veil ways.

"But Cay," you might say, "The Feast is old hat!

"I saw it last year! Tell me, what good is that?"

Ahh, but Greatfather Winter is clever and kind;

There are all-new attractions and goodies to find!

So be not dismayed by the lack of Veil cheer...

It's around the corner, yes, coming this year!

Now regarding the patch we've been testing for you,

We still need some time, as there are tasks to do.

We encourage your feedback when testing the patch

So our own testing team can try your points, and match

The bug to reproducible known issue notes.

Your help is appreciated, and promotes

A better relationship from day to day;

But still, once again, I give no ETA.


Not to be a poop, but, would be a nice gesture to put a Menorah in somewhere......!?!?!
My good Tauren Candya, I know that your heart

May sometimes in these times feel further apart

From those who celebrate now in other ways;

Remember, however, that December days

In Azeroth are spent in one giant Feast!

No menorah, no manger, and the only Priest

Is 60, Undead, lobbing snowballs at you;

It's a fantasy world, and within it are new

Adventures and holidays gone from real life.

To say otherwise brings upon all much strife.

It is Winter Veil, Candya, and so raise your glass!

A new year is coming, the old one will pass!

Kill Greenches, drink egg nog, get presents each night

For the Earthmother loves you, and so does the Light!


so of course, a few more people got into the act.

Ah little Pika, it's a wonder to me,

Why you worry so much when a great travesty

Is set to decend upon our little heads

While we are all sleeping alone in our beds!

They come every year, from both far and wide,

And there's never a place for us Gnomes to hide!

They'll pull on our ears and tuck us away

Under their arms while their teammates will stay

Behind the start line while their ref make call

To start a ghastly run game of Gnomish Football!

But we must stay vigilant, and take what me may

And not let Rogue Gnomes stoop low and betray

Or intentions to combat the horror this year,

We'll make other races tremble with fear!

We'll pull out our swords, or wands and our guns

And rush into combat, hustle our buns!

We will start a war and we will do it right

And we'll be the champions that rise up that night!

We'll kick all the orcs through goal the posts,

And make those taurens into ancestral ghosts!

We'll give all the humans giant fat lips

And the undead will make extra graveyard trips!

Since we like dwarves, we'll distract them with treasure,

But beating the night elves will give us much pleasure,

And those nasty trolls with their big feet and tusks,

At the end of the day will be empty husks.

Yes this year it's time for the Gnomes to have glory,

and that, my dear Pika, is the end of the story.

Twas the night before patch day

Twas the night before patch day and all thru Ironforge

Not a creature was stirring, not alliance nor horde.

The lag was amazing, FPS down to one

No shopping the auctions, no fighting, no fun.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

An epic at auction! The perfect new gear!

A fair buyout price and stats that were sweet

I knew in a flash that I’d soon be quite l33t!

I bid and I ran to the mailbox with care

Just knowing my weapon soon would be there!

But first I lagged hard and fell into the pit,

WTF disconnected? OMG! That’s bull&*$%!

I tried to log in as I lurked on the boards,

And dreamed of the damage I’d do with that sword.

At “authenticating” so long I did wait

That I fell fast asleep – after all, it was late.

Those hours of grinding had left me braindead,

But visions of ganking still danced in my head.

When from my computer arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my nap to see what was the matter!

“OMG I’ve been nerfed!” was the cry that I heard

The hunters were moaning (shaman said not a word).

I laughed to myself and thought “tough break, chump”

I was secretly glad my own class got a bump!

When the pallies complained I said “sucks to be you”

And to all the rogues – “Learn to play, freakin’ newb!”

With joy in my heart I ran fast to the mail

To grab my new weapon and unleash all hell!

I clicked and Oh Noes! My very worst fear!

Empty mailbox – no message – and no purple gear!

I paged a GM and submitted a ticket

And waited all day in hopes someone would get it.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

A sparkly GM with uber-sweet gear!

His eyes how they twinkled! His whispers so merry,

He said “I’ve arrived to answer your query!”

“My gold is all gone! My weapon has vanished!”

I screamed at him, beginning to panic.

“We aware of the problem” was all he would say,

“I can’t help you out, but have a nice day.”

I threatened to cancel, to flame and to cry…

He just cut and pasted another reply.

I cursed and I broadcast my plight o’er the land.

The only result: for 3 days I was banned.

The lesson here kiddies, for young and for old:

When the lag-meter’s red, hang onto your gold;

And before you laugh at another’s bad luck,

Eventually you’ll be the one who gets %*&$ed!

makes me want to start an OCR christmas poem thread.

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lol no kidding. orgrimmar is full of santa gnomes running around having massive snowball fights. i've noticed that snowballs have like a 1% chance of knocking people down. BUT if you're in a party with someone, it knocks them down 100% of the time. pretty hilarious watching a priest try to heal you while you're knocking him down with snowballs :D

Just hit 53, went to BRD for the first time, looted some key off the bartender and ended up ruining the run for everyone :(

Still though, got my stormshroud gear sorted, looks fucking class :D

how did you ruin it? you need the key to get through the door that Phalanx is guarding after you clear all the pissed off drunkards.

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I just restarted my account a week ago. Still getting used to things - don't even remember all the little skills I have available as a Warlock - I completely forgot about my healthstone at first for example! 8O

Hunting around in Un'Goro Crater atm. After getting a fortitude buff, was taking on lvl 54 tar lords at lvl 51. Fun!

The Xmas stuff has been fun, except for the clods clogging up the Xmas quest giver/vendor in IF. I like the city itself much better, but the intelligence level in SW seems several gradations higher. :roll: I griffon'd to SW from IF and there was no one hogging the vendor. Perhaps the lack of an AH in SW creates this situation...

Anyways, my character is "Arugula" lvl 51 Gnome Warlock on Earthen Ring. :twisted:

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5 eggs for 50s? Just call me Paddy the Irish farmer :D

Seriously though..what's happening with these santa Q's? Apparently some moron got a Tauren Icebreaker..I think i'll just cash in on the mounds and mounds of morons who cant be bothered to get their own mats.

So I hit 54, and am fully kitted out in Stormshroud. I really want an Ebon Mask though..people just say they got it from a 'rogue quest'. Assholes.

GM offered me a loan for a Krol Blade if it's <1000..I always used to take the piss out of people who paid real money for mmo gold..I've never had such an overhaul in ideals and morals since I played WoW :P considering spending some of my xmas money on it..fuck the 360, I'd only end up visiting Azeroth on Christmas Day anyway :)

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[11:49] <meccagrinch> speaking of eggs

[11:49] <BennySanta> lol

[11:49] <meccagrinch> i just farmed 200 in westfall

[11:49] <BennySanta> i gad eggs for dinner

[11:49] <meccagrinch> got people to farm them for me, for 1s a pop

[11:49] <BennySanta> had* sausage egg & chips

[11:49] <meccagrinch> they go for 100 times that on AH :)

[11:49] <redstar1> lol

[11:49] <BennySanta> oh AH?

[11:50] <redstar1> love it when you rip noobs off

[11:50] <meccagrinch> heh

[11:50] <meccagrinch> its for that xmas thing in ironforge

[11:50] * BennySanta rips redstar1 off

[11:50] <meccagrinch> you get epics apparently from the santa char

[11:50] <meccagrinch> so people are buying them like mad

[11:50] <redstar1> lol i haven't been on in a while

[11:50] <meccagrinch> but cant be arsed farming them

[11:50] <meccagrinch> you need to give him cookies heh

[11:50] <BennySanta> how do u farm an egg

[11:50] <BennySanta> ?

[11:50] <BennySanta> lol

[11:50] <meccagrinch> which you need 5 eggs for

[11:51] <meccagrinch> world of warcraft benny :)

[11:51] <BennySanta> ...

[11:51] <BennySanta> im lost m8

[11:51] <BennySanta> like hard

[11:51] <BennySanta> im thinking of eggs as in egg & bacon

[11:51] <BennySanta> lol

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