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'Hot Problems' is Atrocious


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I know that this is a video game music website, but it is also a music website, and we should discuss our appreciation (or lack thereof) of music. With this in mind, I bring you 'Hot Problems'


I honestly cannot believe this. Honestly. Cannot. Believe. This. This is not singing. This is merely talking with a repetitive, bland, and boring beat in the background. Yet it has 2,037,497 views in 3 days that its been out. 86,000 dislikes.

Why is sub-par, pseudo-music like this being viewed more often then the excellent pieces submitted to websites like OCRemix? Why are people so willing to listen to this atrocity instead of going to great Indie musicians who care about the quality of their music? Why does music place negative stereotypes on women? I mean, this entire video is a praise to the stereotypical conceited proud nature of "Hot" girls. Why can't we have music videos about the resilience of women, instead of pathetic excuses such as this.

Please, post links to great music. Please. I've lost all faith in the Music Industry as of today, and all I want to listen to is great music from unknown artists and OCRemixers. I'm cleaning my hands from this atrocity.

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Because you're posting a link to it.

Virality is indicative of neither the quality of the work or the taste of the viewers.

I posted a link to The Wettening in a thread on OCR once, and it doesn't have 2 million views... maybe I need some more boring beats and monotonous hot girl singing.. that's what I NEEEEEDDDDDDD

this song moved me

changed me forever


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Songs like these always create a dilemma:

On one side, it boosts my morale as a musician because whatever I make, I know it won't be that shitty :D

On the other side, this piece of crap becomes famous, while there's plenty of masterpieces that nobody ever heard of...

I'd repeat Level 99's "I don't wanna live on this planet anymore" but fortunately enough the planet redeems itself in other ways.

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It's an intentional emulation of "Friday" designed to generate threads like this.

None of us should be operating under the assumption that music, ESPECIALLY on the Internet, is a meritocracy. I'm happy with the exposure OC ReMix has gotten, and want to expand it, but never at the expense of resorting to this sort of scheme, which would undermine our mission to enhance, rather than cheapen & defecate on, the appreciation of VGM. If it's stats you're after, though, this DOES work, case in point being that we're talking about it at all.

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