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New update: apparently equipping the Eliminating the Impossible set on the Medic changes the descriptions for each of these new items, which form a quote from a Sherlock Holmes story when put together. Oh Valve, u so tricky.

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"Think of the deeds of hellish cruelty, the hidden wickedness which may go on, year in, year out, in such places, and none the wiser."

Hmm. That does bear more than a little resemblance to TF2. Maps are generally built in isolated locations, with evidence of civilization being pretty sparse outside the map boundary. And for all the light-hearted jokes and hats they've crammed in, we're ultimately shooting, stabbing, burning, pummeling, and exploding each other in-game.

Carry on, Valve.

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And today...banana error codes. :D

Banana error codes that eventually lead to a document from the Poopy Joe hearing, way back from the WAR! update.

In addition, the error notification itself contains text in three languages: Spanish, Finnish and Welsh specifically. You are now cleared for wild speculation on Pyro's exact heritage.

Reddit thread here, contribute error codes here.

EDIT: The guy curating the reddit thread has presumably gone to bed, so I stitched up the last couple images myself. Couldn't get the second half to line up quite right, but it's readable.

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The new map looks cool, but it's fairly obvious that it exhibits reflective symmetry a la KOTH and PLR. Which is fine but I'll admit I was hoping for an asymmetrical game mode. Regardless, I'd bet money that the next TF2 mapping contest will involve Doomsday, assuming that's the name of the game mode and not the map.

With any luck, tomorrow we'll get some new weapon information.

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Day 2 is upon us.

Scout gets a pistol that boosts max health and negates falling damage. RJ shenanigans on the Ichi server projected to increase 30%.

Also new scattergun. Less spread, also less damage and you run slower. Situational at best.

AHAHAHA, an SMG with crits on kill. And any sniper rifle with reduced bodyshot damage is okay by me. It also decapitates on headshot, which is lol.

Rounding out the pack are a multi-shot rocket launcher with projectile spread, and the flare gun from the previous blog post. The primary draw is knockback, which seems dumb unless the applied force is disproportionately high.

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I agree, unless the Scorch Shot has a stupidly high knockback value I'm not seeing the appeal. I wonder if it can still crit/minicrit on flaming targets.

Someone brought up a good point: The Scout pistol negates all fall damage. Mantreads work by transferring fall damage. Mantreading a Scout with the new pistol = ?

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