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OCR TF2 Server - Anyone interested in trying out TF2 should join us!


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Pyromania Update is now live, and the server is updating...scratch that, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.

(It's working now.)

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)

  • Added ConVars sv_rcon_maxpacketsize and sv_rcon_maxpacketbans to allow server admins to control the maximum RCON packet size and whether or not users get banned for exceeding that limit. The defaults reflect the existing behavior.
  • Fixed not being able to import custom spray images on Macs
  • Fixed Macs cancelling http map downloads that take longer than 30 seconds

Team Fortress 2

  • Added Pyrovision!
  • Added new game mode Special Delivery and map Doomsday!
  • Friendly players glow when carrying the flag
  • Fixed rare cases where flag could fall out of the world
  • Fixed cases where the Payload HUD looked like the cart is still on a hill when it isn't
  • Fixed cases where some clients didn't receive broadcasts about long continuous particle effects being started or stopped
  • Updated the HTML renderer for displaying server MOTD
  • Votes created by a dedicated server no longer trigger a failed vote cooldown
  • Fixed map triggered annotation events not working on dedicated servers
  • Fixed the game crashing if tempents are created that use invalid materials
  • Using a Name Tag while in game notifies everyone of the name change
  • Fixed Strange Part: Projectiles Reflected not tracking grenade and sentry rocket deflections
  • Added new items
    • City on Fire item sets
    • Pyroland weapons and cosmetics
    • Community-contributed cosmetic items for all classes
    • Mysterious treasures have been incinerated, but are now craftable
    • Added crafting recipe for Pile of Ash
    • Scorched Keys are now available in the store for a limited time
    • New promo item

    [*]Weapon balancing changes

    • Gloves of Running Urgently
      • Removed self-damage over time penalty
      • Heavy takes mini-crits while active and for 3 seconds after switching away
      • Attack damage penalty reduced from -50% to -25%


      • Spin-up speed bonus reduced from +40% to +10%


      • Medic mirrors blast jump of their heal target

      [*]Crusader's Crossbow

      • Reload speed time reduced by +40%

      [*]Cozy Camper

      • Regenerates 1 heath per second
      • Reduced movement penalty from -90% to -80%

      [*]Sticky Jumper and Rocket Jumper

      • Added 'flying' sound to blast jumps

      [*]The Concheror

      • Changed rage building source from "damage done and damage received" to only "damage done"
      • Increased the rate at which Rage builds for this item by +25%

      [*]The Equalizer

      • Removed player move speed modification and added it to a new item named The Escape Plan
      • All owners of the Equalizer will be automatically granted The Escape Plan


      • Added +25% increased movement speed while active
      • Increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds

      [*]Atomic Bonk

      • Increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds

      [*]All Flamethrowers

      • Increased base damage by +10%.


      • Removed +10% damage bonus attribute
      • Note: Because of base damage increase, damage remains unchanged


      • Added -10% damage penalty attribute
      • Note: Because of base damage increase, damage remains unchanged


      • Damage defense while taunting reduced from -90% to -75%

    [*]Item bug fixes

    • Fixed sentry sometimes spawning in shielded mode while the Wrangler was equipped, but not deployed
    • Improved visual and audio cues for when the Manmelter is ready to fire
    • Fixed Manmelter being able to earn crits via friendly Pyro self-damage
    • Fixed Scotch Bonnet's blue team skin not showing
    • Fixed Unarmed Combat's taunt not working
    • Unarmed Combat's color now matches the team using it
    • Fixed the Apparition's Aspect showing a burning texture in DX8

Edited for pretty formatting.

Edited by ParanoidDrone
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Oh maaan, all those existing weapon changes. I think some of those have been in the beta for months. My poor Equalizer isn't game-breaking anymore. :( I approve of the increased burn damage and Scout sodas, the Quick-Fix should now enable all sorts of great shenanigans, the GRU change is interesting, the Crusader's Crossbow might actually be usable now, and the Tomislav is now worthless. Quite an overhaul.

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So is Sourcemod particularly unstable with this patch? Or is there something else going on?

I heard that the update broke Sourcemod, or perhaps it was just a warning that like most major updates, it had the potential to break Sourcemod. I'm not sure. Either way, apparently the server crashes on map nomination of all things, so it's disabled for now.

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Played last night on another server for a while.

Man, there really are a lot of people out there playing TF2 who seemingly have no idea that Spy even exists. The sheer lack of any kind of spy-checking was both staggering and delightful.

Spy thrives on inexperience. And most pubs are full of inexperienced players.

Also, bugfix update. Lengthy changelog but nothing fancy.

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So I realized something tonight. I really like TF2 with 4-8 people per team, but a full server fills me with incandescent rage. With a moderate team size, it's possible to play intelligently and actually feel like you, personally, are accomplishing something. With a full server, it's just a meatgrinder; there's too much going on to keep track of it all, so you shoot in the general direction of the other team until you get blindsided by something (usually about 10 seconds after you respawn). That, combined with the fact that a full server only makes the normal issues (lag compensation and the like) that much worse (I swear to Christ, I got facestabbed more times tonight...) and people become incapable of using teamwork once the team gets over a certain size, full server games just end up pissing me the hell off.

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Keep in mind that every time a large update releases for TF2, there are pubbies everywhere. The regulars didn't start stacking up on the server until after a few hours passed, and prior to then, yeah it was a meatgrinder. Even when it got to mostly regulars, well... new stuff releases, people want to just try it out. The game will probably return to normal in a week... maybe.

Also, this is genius:

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Go ragePyro instead of ragequitting. Even the best Spy can't do much if you're obsessive-compulsive about burninating everything around you.

This is how Mrs Bark learned to play...... just ask Paranoid or Powerlord about it.......

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You make me sad that I just got rid of my last spare pair of earbuds & max set items.

Assuming that I remember which profile is yours, I notice two things:

-you've recently set the aforementioned profile to private

-again assuming my memory is good, you have a mountain of rare stuff according to TF2Items

If you're serious about wanting that hat, give me a poke anyway. :3 I'm sure we can hammer something out.

Edited by Clefairy
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I'd do a lot of things I'm not proud of for the Big Kill or Max's Head, though I could really care less about buds except as a means to get said items. I was extremely fortunate recently in getting one of those #40 "salvaged" crates to drop...I traded it for 7 keys, and after saving up a bit of metal, I finally got myself a Bill's. :D

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Assuming that I remember which profile is yours, I notice two things:

-you've recently set the aforementioned profile to private

People kept randomly friending me begging/asking for stuff. Setting your profile to private is a good way to tell them to fuck off.

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This is how Mrs Bark learned to play...... just ask Paranoid or Powerlord about it.......

This is true. It's very difficult to do much as long as there's a Pyro around dedicated to flushing out Spies. The hardest thing for a Spy to take down is a Sentry nest with an attentive Engineer and a pet Homewrecker Pyro. That's when I say "fuck it" and switch to Demoman.

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