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Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Threshold of a Dream - History


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It was the windfishes dream. But Link was in the dream. So therefore by definition, he must be dreaming as well. Or on Acid. And in dream shrine he dreams within a dream. If he is dreaming within a dream, that must mean he isn't dreaming. So its not his dream. Except when he is in the dream shrine dreaming within dreams of windfish. SO... maybe he wasn't dreaming.

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And your point is? :P

Nah, it would fit SDB better methinks. Or the Pokémon project... Wait, which has been in the works for the longest?

EDIT: Here, I fixed your album art.




Did you realize the acronym for this album was toad?

Wow, really great improvement! I'd like to cede my artwork credit to Mirby, please. I'm particularly a fan of the 2nd one. Can I get a print of that?

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