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The Official SNESology Thread - Sample Libraries Available!


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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Official SNESology Thread!



SNESology is a collection of diverse original tracks made with soundsets acquired across the net and developed to emulate classic SNES era game music. We also accept and celebrate/or spotlight many diverse uses of the SNES SMP in music of the past and of today. Celebrate SNES era music with us!





Contact Us!

Rules & About

SNES Sample Libraries (Kontakt 5)

- New Game Remixes, SNES samples.


Feel free to comment in this thread! We will be regularly updating this thread with info as it comes! Thanks!

Note: We are are fully open for recruitment of artists and updated as of 2015. Please contact John Easter aka Paladin Cecil here for details via this e-mail SNESology@gmail.com.

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It's neither invite only or fully open at the moment. If you want to make something, you can ask either myself or Sam, though it's probably easier to get in touch w/ me right now.

We do have a certain standard to adhere to (such as sticking as close to the SNES SMP as possible) and a bar on quality of music we are willing to post, we just ask that you put your most enthusiastic/fun/best foot forward... There is no competition, every artist we spotlight can bring something different to the table. We also have our own sample sets (not quite done yet) that we are sending out in private to artists who want to contribute.

So, if anyone wants to contribute, PM me, and we can try to work something out.

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RoeTaKa is back! He says:

This is more of a filler song as I've been a little busy and haven't been able to think much about this series, so it's more coverish than the previous songs. However when I finished Max Payne 3 I got these Contra samples and just started to try and cover the song 'Tears' with them and it sounded pretty cool and that is what gave me the idea to do this series. You're lookin' at inspiration son!

I promise the next one WILL be The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim meets Secret of Evermore (someone got the connection before, have a british medal :D ).

Alex Roe + Contra 3 + Max Payne = OMG

Writeup and Download

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Two more releases for the weekend:

Monobrow - Take Me Away With You (Final Fantasy VI Soundset)

Roetaka - Space Kartroids (Super Mario Kart take on Super Metroid)


SNESology writeups on Facebook

Keep in mind, we are accepting submissions, PM me for details and links to our secret soundset files that we have thus far. We have some quality standards to go over before we accept submissions, but please if you are interested in helping in any way (such as helping build soundsets, or making music, or even original background art for videos) let me know! My inbox is open!

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