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What's everyone being for halloween?


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I'm being a college student swamped in homework. Oh, wait.

...srsly though, my teacher is a cruel man who gives us a REALLY IMPORTANT test the day AFTER Halloween. >.>

I know your pain, My Physics prof is holding our midterm ON halloween.

...That being said, I'm going to be walking around campus in a (homemade, and pretty damn good) Richter Belmont costume.

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Remember earlier when I said this:

I thought about dressing up as Alan Wake, but the thought of having to explain that I'm not a professor from my college (Alan wears a tweed jacket) and actually a character from a two year old game just doesn't have a lot of appeal.

I decided to stop being a wuss and just go do it. As it turned out, I found a perfect tweed jacket and green shirt at a thrift store. Pictures to follow once I get everything else in order.

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