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The Wii Mini, a $99 Wii just for Canada!

The Damned

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So does anyone else feel like this is absolutely pathetic? Borderline same size, less features, not particularly even cooler looking... just to save like $40? Right as the Wii U comes out? Might as well just buy a decent used Wii for $50 or less and be done with it. I feel like this is the dumbest thing Nintendo has done since the Virtual Boy.

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It's smaller, doesn't play GameCube games, has no online (but then, the Wii barely did, so...) and is only going to be available in Canada for the first few months. Truly, this is the ultimate console.

If anyone wants one, just PM me and I'll have it sent by dog sled to the US border. I'll take furs or muskets instead of money if you have trouble converting your dollars to our coins.

Got any Wii SD cards? :-)

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