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OCR02559 - EarthBound 'Practicing Retrocognition'


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I make these breakdowns of song usage mostly for the judges, so it's kind of odd to see that in the writeup. o_0

but hey ok

for anyone listening: I tried to carefully craft the song to sound nostalgic (as mentioned in the writeup!), and ideally you'll still get that vibe even if you haven't played earthbound.

I'd love to know if it worked for you, so do share!

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Sci, I really love your music and I'm so pleasantly surprised to hear this on the front page. As someone who has never played any of the games you've remixed so far, your music still feels incredibly nostalgic and heartwarming nonetheless, as if it's been part of my life for ages. I can't say that about very many artists, but that kind of instant connection has drawn me to listen to this one over and over again.

Incredibly fresh, unique, and comforting. A rare example of where the artist's motives resonate almost perfectly with me as a listener.

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One of the most rewarding experiences in gaming, hell, in my life in general even, was playing through the beautiful EarthBound for the first time. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced and I firmly believe the game definitively represents "nostalgia" in its most purest form. It certainly made me appreciate life more than I did previously. Moreover, nothing in life thus far has topped how genuinely happy I was when I first played through the game (I firmly believe that 4+ years later and having experienced quite a lot since then).

That said, I may never download another EB mix again. I certainly don't want to try remixing anything from the game anymore.... because you, sir, PERFECTLY captured the homely, nostalgic vibe of EarthBound. You also completely expanded upon it in ways I didn't even know possible. djpretzel's Twoson Hits the Road was always my favorite EarthBound mix but this one I think took the spot.

I *love* that Pollyanna cover at the end, it's so beautiful. I downloaded this mix and I'm gonna listen to it hundreds of times because I can (and want to).

I almost feel like I let myself down since I didn't play through EarthBound at all in 2012 (usually I do at least twice a year)... but this mix makes me want to plug up my SNES right now and play through the game. Twice.

I just can't get over how perfect this mix is.

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I love the Mother 2 soundtrack (unrivaled in my book, even by Mother 3), and this remix seems to capture the feel and uniqueness of said soundtrack. I'd like to add that - upon giving it a second listen - it also sounded vaguely Opoona-ish to me near the beginning (Opoona also boasts an exceptional soundtrack, so I've got nothing but compliments to impart lol).

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