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Wow, lots of amazing and clear S&K ReMixes lately. From those beginning kicks to the amazing melodically drivin' guitar riffs, this is indeed one of the better Flying Battery zone ReMixes that I've heard. The whole modulation bit around 1:41 was a nice change-up before giving us a small breakdown, which was a great choice for pacing. Love the energy and power here.

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"The original song is one of the better remembered game soundtrack songs from my childhood, and certainly one of my favourites. Even then I imagined what it would sound like in a more hard rock / metal esque setting"

You're speaking my language here, dude. This has always been one of my favourite game themes of all time ever since I fist played this on Genesis when I was a kid. I would sometimes time out just because I would listen to the music and not beat the level. That being said, I am pretty picky about remixes of this source and overall I haven't been overly impressed up to this point, but you nailed it. The same kind of speed and fun that makes a Sonic track what it is. Props!

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