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Meetup / Post MAGFest Brunch (1/6/13)


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(First off, I figured this was more under "meetups" than MAGFest, hence having a separate thread. My apologies if this needs to be merged onto the main MAG11 thread.)

So, an OCR Post-MAGFest Tradition is getting together for brunch the Sunday after MAGFest, at the Busboys & Poets in Arlington (link). Normally we organize this all last-minute, but this year maybe we can get a head start.

Based on past experience, I say we gather at the Gaylord Hotel's Lobby on Sunday (1/6/13) by 1:00pm, and be at Busboys by 2:00pm (seriously, it usually takes about 30-45 minutes at least for everyone to gather and load into their cars). Post in this thread if you can make it -- that'll help to get a rough estimate, but in the end it's probably going to just depend on how many people are there in the lobby at this time when we head on out.

Ok, so other key details:

  • They do not do reservations (and renting out for an event is too expensive). I'll call an hour or two ahead of time to let them know.
  • Since there aren't any reservations, we normally split up between 3-4 tables (when there are 25-30 of us it's impossible to get a table for everyone together).
  • You can park at the nearby garage near the supermarket, on the 2nd-4th floors. They say 1 hour or 2 hour parking, but I've never seen them tow unless you take one of the reserved-for-employees spots or stay there for the whole day.
  • I'm also creating a Facebook event for this -- so feel free to pass the information around from here or there.

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Ok, looks like we already have quite a turnout as it is! I have a few updates here:

  • First, to clarify, we'll be meeting at the lobby near the front desk (between the desks and that bar/lounge area with the piano).
  • Second, it usually takes 30-45 minutes before everyone gets seated (especially with our group size). So if you have a bus or something to catch then factor that in.
  • Third, since we'll need to split up across 3-5 tables, it's a good idea to think about (a) who you can ride with, and (B) who you can sit with (groups of 8-10 work out the best), beforehand, if you can. We got time to work that out in the lobby, but anything to speed it along will help.

See y'all at MAG! KF

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BTW, for folks who aren't so good at assessing time... My personal recommendation is that if you have to be anywhere (airport, bus station, etc.) earlier than 5:00pm, then it might be better to pass (it'd take about 30-45min to get from here to IAD or BWI, 30min to get to Union Station, or 15-20min to get to DCA by car).

Lastly, the route I recommend taking is this:


(The exit you need to take off of I-395 is Exit 6 and keep left -- I dunno why Google doesn't show that exit number. You could cut through Alexandria but all the traffic lights add like 10 minutes to your trip.)

Ok, see all you folks tomorrow! KF

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