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Pokémon X/Y and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire (Gen6) (3DS)


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That's pretty wild! It looks like it's going to be just one and not two this time. If that is indeed the case, I might put money on it being dragon type. Dragon, after all, is the last "special" type which every eeveelution has been so far. (That would also mean this may be the last eeveelution we ever get.) Bug, normal, and even flying aren't bad guesses though. It certainly looks a bit more like those than a dragon.

Seems this was hinted at a while back, too:


Notice the pink bow/butterfly in the center there.

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I like it. Interestingly enough, I've been calling it Nympheon. I had a feeling that's what the Japanese name was alluding to. Looks like I was on the right track. I'm thinking the name may simply be referring to it's fairy-like qualities since the Japanese name seems to be based on the nymph. I wouldn't rule out dragon (mythology) type just yet, but flying does seem more likely now.

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Sylveon is definitely a Flying type.

The name 'Sylveon' probably comes from 'sylph', an air elemental.

The French name for it is 'Nymphali', probably referring to nymphs, female elemental spirits.

Then, take a look at this chart Nintendo made for us...


Go counter-clockwise from Leafeon to Jolten. Each Pokemon has an advantage over it's opposite. Leafeon beats Vaporeon, Umbreon trumps Espeon, Flareon melts Glaceon, then wouldn't it make sense for Sylveon to be flying so that Jolteon has the advantage over it?

Also, it's the lightest Eeveelution. It weighs less so it's easier for it to fly, perhaps?

And finally, finally, look at

released for it. See the way it's ribbons are waving and moving? Like they're being blown around by wind? Definitely seems like an aspect a Flying type Pokemon would have, no?

If it's not a Flying type, I'll eat my hat.

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While it's very possible the name Sylveon refers to sylph, it could just as easily be referring to sylvan, spirits of the woods—or sometimes fairies or elves.

Both the Japanese and French versions use "nymph" in the name, and nymphs don't really have much to do with flying. Nymphs are elemental, as you said; and again are often portrayed as fey-like creatures.

The chart might have been made in order of appearance, with the three originals on top, the next two a row down, and then the most recent three on the bottom. The chart could have just as easily had jolteon across from vaporeon, and leafeon across from flareon. With glaceon across from sylveon you have the same setup because flying is weak to ice. No type but electric has only one weakness, so it was bound to end up with some of them trumping others. On that note, sylveon could just as easily be ground since that would beat jolteon.

While the weight might hint at it being flying, it could also relate to the obvious fairy or fey theme going on here. Gyarados is flying too, after all, and he weighs a whole lot more than sylveon does.

Suicune is water type and its ribbons flow in the wind too.

I'm sure you're totally right about it being flying, but I just wanted to play devil's advocate here and poke holes in your deductions. No offense. =P

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I think the evidence points most to Sylveon being a flying type. What made me think it as a flying type the most was the fact that it looked a TON like Skyla, with a similar color scheme and the ribbons and pink/red hair and such.


My theory is that this little guy was supposed to be released 5th generation and be Skyla's featured partner Pokemon, but they decided against it for whatever reason they wanted (probably for the same reason they decided Alomamola wasn't Luvdisk's evolution, just to screw with everyone lolol).

On the topic of Pokemon X and Y, I've been making some concept melodies for X/Y out of B2/W2 soundfonts. Take a listen if you'd like! :D

<< Route 3 Theme (Concept)

<< Cave Theme (Concept)
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Hey thread, long time no update.

So, today, they announced a new Pokémon. It looks kind of like Mewtwo, but is supposed to be a new one, not some sort of forme.

The mutation (or is that Mewtation :< ?) hasn't been fully described yet, so its supposed origin is purely speculative at this point, but if this somehow related to Mewtwo, than that would seem to help cement the genetics-based theme of X and Y.

Also, it seems pretty cool looking.

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Because everyone loves you Mew...

I really hope this new legendary isn't called Mewthree. Hopefully Game Freak has more creative naming than just add another number to Mew. It is obviously another attempt at cloning Mew (Why? The first successful attempt went awry. Sure let's just make another clone...) I wonder if this Mew is going to be stat similarly with Mewtwo or has any real significance to the plot. Badass design though.

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^ Hahaha, basically.

My sentiment toward that abomination:

If it's an alternate Mewtwo forme, I hate it.

If it's a separate new Mew clone, I'm fine with it.

I'm about that same...I'm not sure why (well it's probably just nostalgia...) I'm pretty intrigued, and the design is growing on me a bit. I hope it does have an interesting story, mewtwo is being featured in the next movie, so it seems likely that it might also in the new game?

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I'm actually not against Formes when they're appropriate, even if its a 1st Gen Pokemon getting one. This has more to do with it not feeling right that Mewtwo, a manmade clone of Mew, can alter itself so drastically in the same way that more natural Pokemon like Rotom possessing machinery to change shape, Giratina changing it's body to adapt to different dimensions, or Castform altering itself to suit the weather- can.

It makes more sense that perhaps a new organization picked up Dr Fuji's work and out of pride attempted another Mew clone.

That said, either way, I don't get why Mewtwo's tail would change places to his head, or why an improved clone of Mew would have a tail on his head(no, it's not an elongated head, it's a tail).

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