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Pokémon X/Y and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire (Gen6) (3DS)

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Yeah that seems pretty plausible (I'm sitting pretty happily in the it's a new pokemon camp, I think it'd make a better story than it being a new form).

I say it's probably nostalgia for me personally based on the difference of opinion between my guy and myself. He's only been playing for a couple years, I've been playing since red/blue, so he's definitely got the more objective reaction compared to me, who was pretty non plused at first until nintendo's website introduced it in a way that makes it seem like a completely separate species from mewtwo.

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Humans and Pokémon peacefully coexist in the world of Pokémon. In addition to playing as a human hero, you'll meet many other folks. Some of them will help you on adventure, while many others will stand in your way!

Hero and Heroine

Before your adventure begins, you will first select whether you want to play as a male or female hero. Your adventure will be largely the same no matter what your choice.

You'll choose your gender before you even take your first step

Choose the hero that best suits you and set off for your adventure!

At certain points you'll be able to get new outfits and accessories for your Trainer! What attire will you choose for your Trainer?

You'll be able to see the clothing you choose as you explore the Kalos region!

You can go back and change your outfit whenever you like.





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There are so many pics of the new stuff around now, I'm just going to ignore any temptation to post them all.

Suffice to say, the map is clearly based upon France. So much so, that you can overlay Kalos and France and they fit perfectly. There is no denying it any more (yes, people are still arguing over it, even now).

There seems to be no more 4-direction walking, and free-roaming walking. Check the video, and watch how the player characters walk not just at angles, but at non-8-direction angles.

Just so much going on right now...

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Ah, well, long time to post.

Austrailia... why are you so weird when it comes to games?

A Pokémon game, PG? I knew that they rated games a lot harsher down under, and lots of games are modded to remove blood or gore, but come on... Pokémon?

It seems Gates to Infinity is also PG. :| And apparently, Pokemon Ruby has 'mild gambling references', whereas Pokemon Yellow doesn't. I sense an adjustment happened starting at Gen III. My psychic senses are tingling. :350:

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what does that rating actually effect

I'm not really sure. I don't know exactly how Australia's rating board works They have a history of censoring and even banning games because of content.

It may do nothing, It may indicate a higher than expected level of story for the game, it may just be some bureaucrat making his salary.

Also, did you catch this:

Looks like Nintendo is doing a lot of different E3 events. Pokemon X/Y presentation/Q&A on June 11 at 6pm PT.

— Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier)

And a response to it was:


Nintendo has never done much more than "oh, and there's some pokémon footage in the back of the demo station. I guess you could check it out" at E3. To have a full hour and a half just for it means they're going to have fuckloads of content to show.

Pokémon finally goes full 3D. It's going to release world-wide simultaneously. It's going to have its own E3 presentation.


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Perhaps this is when the mysteries will be revealed.






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An explanation I don't believe for a minute because that's a stupid type name.

That and Dexie already has a logical argument for it being Flying-type.

I think I read about some pokemon news website having an admin or something like that "leaking" information. He was right about the most recent pokemon's names and he received a C&D from the big N. I'll try to find the post and link it, but he was talked about fairy type and how that was the japanese name for it - I think dark type is called villain type in japan as well? My point is, that could easily be a literal japanese translation and the actual English version is something like Light type or whatever.

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They could have sent the C&D to prevent him from spreading false information as well, ya know.

I mean yeah, but why? Isn't that kind of the point of releasing info about the game beforehand - to build hype and get people to wonder about what's going to be in the game?

I'm not saying he's right and I'm not saying he's wrong. I AM saying that it is interesting that he knew the names of the new pokemon, and it is worth noting that he got a C&D when other apparent "leakers" did not.

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Spreading false info can have an impact on expectations. Nintendo is probably worried about review scores being influenced by people expecting all these fake rumors. That could (albeit slightly) affect sales.

This is the second highest selling series of all time, they probably want it to sell as much as possible.

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