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OCR02596 - Mega Man X2 "Dusty Dune Devil"


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Another one of my favorite ReMixes off the Maverick Rising album. I particularly love the use of electric guitars and the Celtic flavor working together to make such a devilishly good treat, along with a dash of some Middle Eastern melody. Definitely an improvement on the original, so props!

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A fun piece for one of the best albums on ocr. ^__^ The turn from cowboy to celtic to eastern is just odd. XD But cool. ^__^


At a few spots at the start it can seem a bit slow, but I chalk that up to me not being used to a violin used this way. (My same problem with Arcanum's ost.) With that said, I wish the piece went on longer. c:

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02596 - Mega Man X2 "Dusty Dune Devil"

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