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OCR02618 - Mega Man 6 & 9 "Liquid Metal"


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Lol the end "FISH" Is that what it says?

YES! xD I didn't actually just do a single 'fish' in one recording - in fact, Brandon spliced it from one of my Dr Seuss takes and put it there. I'll put in my initial reaction for prosperity's sake:

01[21:52] <Rexy> what the hell

01[21:52] <Rexy> you included a random 'fish' snippet at the end :P

[21:52] <Brandon> hat the well!?

[21:52] <Brandon> hahaha

[21:52] <Brandon> FISH!

01[21:52] <Rexy> explanation? xD

[21:53] <Brandon> i was gonna keep going and put in a glitch and have it be like FISH! F-F-F-FISH! Fffff FISH!

01[21:53] <Rexy> lol

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A couple fun facts... check out the Lyrics tab, it got updated to show the individual parts and which character they represent (thanks to whoever made that happen!)

Second fun fact, the "spoken" part was originally supposed to be Hylian Lemon, but he said he didn't sing. It was supposed to be the announcer sort of voice like it is in the final song (actually uses an infomercial preset) but I guess maybe Hylian Lemon was too shy in the end, plus we didn't have enough time to persuade him into it. :-P

I'm kinda sad he's not in it, honestly, but we did eventually collab on Sweet Wet Nectar with all 3 of us... so... keep an eye out for that someday...

Maybe Hylian Lemon knew people would hate the vocals and didn't want to contribute his voice. :tomatoface:

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That was weird, haha. I love the metal, and to be honest, I'm really getting a good laugh out of the vocals. I'm not knocking them, they just strike me as funny for some reason, and I think that's why I like it. Especially once you get to the "one fish, two fish" part. Fish!

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Must agree that the vocals wasn't my cup of tea either. But I have to give credits about the arrangement! Maybe a bit too much with the ride cymbal usage on drums though? (that's an opinion, not a truth) It's sure deserves solid eight fish out of ten and goes to my playlist :lol:

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