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OCR02624 - Kirby Super Star 'The Incredible Star Machine'

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I like this track but I think I prefer the original more. Something seems missing (although maybe that's because this is a slower version of the song) but it's still pretty good. I guess it's the same "problem" I have with the Legend of Mana sound track, that some things are very very hard to actually improve upon.

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Hearing halc take on the quirky evil crystal bat (or whatever he was) of Marx's theme with his style of ReMixing is sweet. Conservative in the melody at most points (with is a plus to me), and of course putting in that chippy spin on it. I think it fits Marx's goofy character in a way. The slower section was cool, and it seems like the three minutes go by in a heartbeat. This is a good song to have on a loop.

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