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OCR02634 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors 'Heart Beats'


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When djp asked me if there was anything from LucasArts we could post as a nod to this, I knew exactly who to reach out to. Much love to Chris for submitting this (been a fan of it for 7 years), though I wish the closing of LucasArts wasn't the event that prompted it. :'-(

It's really a great, ultimately pretty timeless concept piece that's works incredibly well. A great tribute to Joe McDermott and the Titanic Toddler!

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I was actually pretty surprised to find this posted on the front page.it's been a long, long time since I've heard this.

for perspective, I started making music in late 2005, inspired by Mazedude no less. a few months later, I found this song on his site, though I didn't add it to any of my circulating playlists.

7 years later, I find this song again. it's practically a completely new song now. I can actually hear subtleties now that were completely outside of my comprehension when I first listened.

7 years. I had barely any knowledge of music, much less the process of making music. now I listen to an album a day, and I don't go...I can't go a week without making at least one song.

I have two OCRemix posts to my name, and I've been contemplating finishing and submitting a third song.

heh, I kinda feel bad that I can't even listen to the song for what it is. I can only hear the sound of time. A tangible artifact to show how much I've grown in otherwise intangible ways.

I think I'll embrace this as a reason to finish and submit my third remix.

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Ohhhhh man. I wouldn't have said that. :lol: That scary part is not even that Chris might DO that, it's that he'd do a great job, and we've have to listen to fart music. :-)

DO IT DO IT! I love his consistently creative uses of sampling. I think everyone can take a page from this man's creativity.

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